Lézignan-Corbières: a business incubator in the city center

The former Crédit Agricole premises, on the corner of avenue Wilson and boulevard Châteaudun, are now the property of Emilie and Guillaume Malgouyre. They established their business there, the Real Estate Club, but also a galaxy of companies that are both independent and closely connected. A mode of operation that is completely in harmony with the times, where digital technology and expertise exist side by side.

But what is happening behind the walls of the former Crédit Agricole, in the heart of the city? Development of apartments dedicated to letting? Or installing a restaurant on the ground floor? Nothing of the sort. In the past few weeks, it has actually been a company, or rather companies, that have taken the prestigious Artos building and its 600 m.2.

At the head of the bridge, the Real Estate Club: “We are a company specializing in real estate investment education. In short, we run courses, mainly remotely, for people who want to invest but who may feel lost in relation to their tax status, to how to organize themselves in terms of finding craftsmen and carry out the work, or even rental management”explains Guillaume Malgouyres, co-founder of the company with his wife, Emilie.

Lézignan has a very convenient central location

Originally settling in the Paris region, then moving to the Marne, the couple wanted to reconnect with the southwest, where Guillaume is from: “We arrived in Carcassonne, where we bought a house. We had no offices. So we started looking.” And both quickly realized that the employees they were looking for mainly lived in the employment area of ​​Narbonne or even Béziers: “Since it was far from Carcassonne, we stopped at Lézignan, which has a very convenient central location”. They will thus occupy the premises above BNP for two years, where they will very quickly be cramped.

Because in addition to its training activity, Club immobilier continues to grow. “We adapt to our customers’ needs. We also quickly felt the need to create companies that meet their demand.” This is how Oikos was born, a company offering turnkey investment projects in real estate: “We find the property for the developer, we estimate how much work needs to be done, we find the tradesmen to do it and we even arrange for tenants to be placed.” CID, based in Amiens, is an accounting firm, while Mon capital immo specializes in professional subletting and short-term rentals (Airbnb style). The new premises also house Capteus, a company founded by Tanja Miletic, specializing in digital marketing and social networks: “The good thing is, entrusts the young entrepreneur, is that the operation can be compared to an incubator. Here I know it will work because I already have customers: the companies in the group. But I also have my own business’.

The adventure continues

Guillaume and Emilie do not want to stop there, although they know that networks are much more difficult to weave than in Paris or in a big city. “But we don’t want to grow recklessly, temperament William. It is not a question of money, on the contrary. Above all, we are passionate people. For nothing in the world would we return to the Paris region where we do not have this comfort.” In a short period of time, the couple will develop a brand in real estate development with a very large field of action in the national territory, but also in Spain, Luxembourg or Belgium. He also invested in a Belgian start-up specializing in a completely different area: home delivery of meals! And will enter the capital in a concierge company based in Toulouse! An entrepreneurial frenzy that bears fruit: Today Guillaume and Emilie employ around fifty people, including around thirty in Lézignan: hats off!

This Wednesday, September 21 at 5:30 p.m., the inauguration of the premises will take place.

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