Aude – Lauragais: he had driven into the crowd, in the heart of the local Fanjeaux festival

This Monday, September 19 afternoon, a 20-year-old Chaurien was brought to court to answer for the facts that took place on August 13 during the local Fanjeaux festival. He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Remanded in custody after requesting a delay to prepare his defense on August 18, Omar arrived in court under police escort, where he was arraigned on Monday. This Chaurien, just 20 years old, was accused of “driving a vehicle without a license”but also facts about “violence aggravated by two circumstances (with weapons by destination and drunk)followed by incapacity for work for more than eight days”. It is understood that he is accused of crashing into the crowd by car on August 13 during the first night of the Fanjeaux festival in Lauragais.
That night it was at 2:00 a.m. that the gendarmerie were called, while the defendant was held down by witnesses. The mayor of the village then said he saw a car and the crowd moving away. Before the Volkswagen vehicle, traveling at high speed, got stuck in a narrow street.

He doesn’t talk about it too much. He is scared when he hears a car coming…

The chairman of the festival committee, for his part, had indicated that he heard an engine noise and saw the car. According to him, the driver did not react. Like when he was taken out of the car. That night, 14-year-old Enzo was crossing the street when the driver’s car almost ran over him. Very shocked, he luckily escaped with a contusion on his heel and another on his right knee. Ten days of ITT have been prescribed for the teenager, who is still being monitored by a psychologist. “He doesn’t talk about it too much. He’s scared when he hears a car coming… We’re trying to move on.”Enzo’s mother testified at the helm.

In court, Omar explained that he had taken the car to escape a group of young people who had just attacked him: “I managed to get up the first time, but they caught me and beat me. If I got into the car, it was to seek refuge. I was scared for my life, I’m panicking!” For President Anne Nappez, the facts alleged against the accused raise questions. Especially when on June 8 he was sentenced to two years in prison with a conditional suspension of actions “burn damage” in the building where a youth who had harassed him lived. “You are the victim of many things, but it is never your fault!”remarked the president of the court to Omar.

It is a real danger that makes the choice of revenge the only answer.

In the interest of young Enzo and his parents, Mr.e Olivier Trilles spoke of a deliberate gesture: “The center of the village was closed by barriers, he must have moved one! He made a deliberate act to return. Listening to him, I have the impression that he is recreating the event to explain his gesture…” The sums of 2,500 euros for Enzo and 1,000 euros for each of the parents were thus requested by the Carcassonne lawyer. At the public prosecutor’s office, his representative emphasized the redundancy between the facts in June and what concerns us: “It is a real danger that makes the choice of revenge the only answer.” A two-year prison term was thus called for, as was the lifting of the current suspended sentence of four months.

For the defence, Mr.e Aimé Diaka from Toulouse asked for her client’s personality, “who had a bad reflex, a bad analysis and a bad choice, with the weaknesses that are his”. At the end of its deliberations, the court finally sentenced Omar to two years in prison, in addition to the suspension of 6 months of the current suspended sentence. After his release from prison, he will be banned from performing in Fanjeaux for two years. He must also pay €2,000 to Enzo for his non-pecuniary damage.

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