“Andor,” a dark Star Wars series that explores the torments of its characters

After Rogue one (2016), rebel captain Cassian Andor is back, this time on the small screen. Disney+ is adding a new series that originates from the universe Star wars to its catalog after The Mandolar, The Boba Fett Book and more recently the miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi. Actor Diego Luna takes on the role of Cassian in this adventure that takes place five years earlier Rogue one and before the episode IV A new hope.

At this point, the rebellion is still in its infancy, and Cassian is closer to the thief than the hero. He, like the other inhabitants, tries to survive against the rise of the Galactic Empire. The series explores the early foundations of the Rebel Alliance and the uprising of oppressed populations across the galaxy. A resistance that is preparing in the shadows up to the highest political authorities thanks to Senator Mon Mothma (played again by Genevieve O’Reilly) and the character of Luthen Rael, an art collector played by Stellan Skarsgård and acting leader of the rebellion.

The bet was cool for Tony Gilroy, the director of Rogue one : create a series of twelve episodes centered on a character who is not one of the most emblematic heroes of the saga Star wars. Still, though Andor can’t rely on the aura of a legendary character like The Mandalorian to hold the main role, the audience is very quickly seduced by the story of this anti-hero. Cassian Andor is still far from being the rebel captain seen in the picture Rogue one : We discover him as a thief, sometimes a liar, who abandons his values ​​to survive. A character with very human foibles who doesn’t believe in the resistance at first and prefers to save his skin. It is mainly the lure of profit that motivates him, but a combination of circumstances will push him to join the rebel forces.

Among the people who hang around Cassian in the industrial town of Ferrix is ​​Bix (Adria Arjona), a childhood friend and former lover of the thief. She is a strong woman who does not hesitate to fight for those closest to her, even if it means standing up to the brigades of the Empire. But also Maarva Andor (Fiona Shaw), adoptive mother of Cassian, through whom we will discover the origin of the hero. The latter was already a professional infiltrator from an early age, sneaking into enemy ships despite the dangers.

Bix Caleen, resident of Ferrix and childhood friend of Cassian, a brave woman with a strong character.  (©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Andor effortlessly manages to transcribe the excitement of this dark period of the universe Star wars. We feel the fury of the people who are beginning to organize against the oppressor with whatever means are available. The secret networks are reinforced as much in the working town of Ferrix as in the capital of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant. Political alliances are explored more than in the other opus of the license thanks to the maneuvers of politician Mon Mothma. Rare fact, the first episodes Andor also expand on the backgrounds of characters on the Empire side, such as Police Inspector Syril Karn and Imperial Security member Dedra Meero. We discover their motivations and their faith in the Empire, convinced to spread good by imposing order. Thus each character ofAndor presented as neither good nor bad, but imperfect in the image of human nature.

In general, Andor manages to offer sumptuous landscapes, with attention to detail to make every planet seen on screen realistic. Diversity is the key, we sail from a planet covered in lush vegetation to desert lands, passing through the luxurious surroundings of the galaxy’s capital. Behind this painstaking work we find production designer Luke Hull, award-winning for his work on the miniseries Chernobyl. The only drawback is that the fourth episode of the series, as we could see, loses the rhythm of the first ones a little. A latency that we can hope is necessary to better prepare for the events that will occur in the rest of the episodes. A second season is already planned by the platform with big ears.

“Andor,” from September 21 on Disney+

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