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What does luxury mean today? This question was central to the development of the electric sports car, says Maximilian MissoniGlobal Head of Design at Polestar, as part of the vehicle presentation in Vienna.

Because of climate crisis Chrome elements and fine leather, for example, can no longer be an expression of luxury. Instead of chrome and leather would be Rule sustainable materials, ecological design and lots of high technology, says Missoni.

With such brands, Polestar wants to put the theme of sustainability in the spotlight

Introduce the new luxury

” We take sustainability seriously, and I want to celebrate it too,” explained the head of design for Polestar arrange all environmentally friendly components as well as all radar sensors and cameras are marked on the concept car.

We do not want to create a so-called “hidden brand” of sustainability. On the contrary, Polestar wants Proud to respect the environment brag – similar to luxury designer products on which the brand name can usually be read in capital letters.

All cameras, sensors and eco-friendly materials are displayed with labels

No rear window

In addition to the climate component, the Polestar Precept appears in a futuristic look. Labeled sensors, the large lidar unit on the vehicle’s roof, and the camera’s exterior mirrors all contribute to the prototype’s appearance.

What is also striking in the Regulations the missing rear window. This displacement of the vehicle structure allows glass roof behind the rear seats, which gives the rear passengers a particularly spectacular view, says Missoni.

So the driver can always keep an eye on the traffic situation mirror through one oblong screen replaced. A camera in the back of the vehicle provides the relevant images.

Minimalist interior

Equally characteristic of the Regulation are the so-called suicide doors. If these are open, ventilated and minimalist interior of the visible vehicle. What is particularly noteworthy are the cockpit seats that appear to float above the ground.

The reduced cockpit actually only consists of a screen for the dashboard and a huge one Portrait touchscreen in the center console. There’s also a rotary knob, which is apparently the only physical control – apart from the usual levers on the steering wheel.

Polestar Precept suicide doors and interior

Particularly pleasant ambient light

that the back seat is designed in the same way as the adjustment in the cockpit: between the two seats there is an armrest, on which there is also a rotary control. The interior is characterized by sustainable materials such as recycled PET bottles, recycled fishing nets and recycled cork vinyl.

The panels inside are based on a Flax-based composite. behind is Leaderthat shines through matter. This results in a particularly pleasant effect in the electric sports car ambient lighting.

LEDs shine through linen upholstery

Visit the Polestar Precept in Vienna

Technical details Polestar has not yet published the regulation. Information on range, motorization, battery capacity and load capacity will be published later. 2024 Either way, the electric sports car is expected to hit the market as the Polestar 5.

Until September 26 the concept car can be seen in the center of Vienna. In the new design Polestar place in Wallnerstrasse 5 In the first district of Vienna, those interested can see the prototype for themselves.

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