Prize per car, negotiation margins… All the secrets of the dealers!

Auto Plus reveals dealers’ secrets with all the tricks to encourage them to be more generous. Big savings in perspective…

Buying a car, whether new or used, is not a trivial act and represents a significant financial commitment. In this process you will face a Commercial advisor who, contrary to appearances, is not necessarily a villain! Yes, prejudices die hard and the sales profession still has a bad reputation.

In reality, the car salesman, like the majority of French people, is only looking to make a decent end of the month, because his remuneration consists mainly of sales commissions. Auto Plus delivers secrets of this profession to achieve a better agreement, without “bleeding” your interlocutor: a win-win agreement.

Dealer Secrets: The most popular models

Certain categories of cars pay more for sellers: Small cars have lower profit margins and the commission the seller receives is low: between €30 and €120. SUVs are popular and sell easily and with modest discounts: the seller receives between €130 and €350 for these models. Top-of-the-range wagons are the ones that can benefit from the biggest discounts: sometimes up to 30%. The commission that the seller receives here varies between €70 and €300 depending on the model.

To make a good deal, you can ask to consult models in stock. In fact, these models are expensive for concessions, which seek to get rid of them quickly: sellers here receive between €50 and €300 in commission. Ask to also consult the manufacturer’s stocks, which sometimes give higher margins, and ask your adviser about the models he needs to sell the most: in fact, some models sell less well than the most popular ones, but advertising is also bound to sell a certain number of models of each product. For example, if you’re ready to sign for a station wagon instead of an SUV, you can get a bigger discount without cutting into the seller’s commission.

Dealer Secrets: Options, Warranties and Financing

The car seller receives an average of 10 to 20% of the sale price of options and accessories : if the gain on a metallic paint is insignificant, ask him about the options that the dealer gets almost for free. Some manufacturers sometimes sell certain options sold to their network at 80 to 100% reductions for the dealer. You will thus benefit from a good plan for the opportunities, without cutting corners on your margin or seller’s commission.

Sellers also earn commissions on “perks” such as warranties and maintenance, financing or even insurance. If you want to choose a maintenance contract, take the opportunity to negotiate an additional discount. It is the same for financing solutions, or car insurance solutions: if the salesperson insists on selling you a contract, it is because he finds an interest in his commission. If the financial discount is not always possible, you can try to request a free accessory or a discount on it.

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Dealer secrets: it’s all about feeling

The best-paid salespeople work at Mercedes, DS Automobiles, Audi, Mini, Peugeot and Volkswagen, among others, but do not underestimate the strength of generalist brands: Skoda, Ford, Kia and Hyundai are also part of Top 10 brands where salespeople are paid the best.

To get a good deal, be courteous and polite to the seller, and don’t be unpleasant: Sellers hate dealing with a customer who is a source of trouble. Show empathy, and make an appointment with him: he will have more time to show you his best offers and promotions. Come as a couple if you wish, but without your children.

Do not rob the seller make it your ally : you now have the weapons to make the most of them, but don’t overdo it. Negotiation is always possible, but it is not a must. Take a step in his direction and be seductive so that the seller finds an advantage for you give an extra commercial gesture.

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