MCU: 10 Bland Characters Fans Love Because of Their Amazing Designs, According to Reddit

It’s been almost fifteen years since Iron Man debuted in 2008, and during that time the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced fantastic characters to audiences around the world. Characters like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have become some of the most popular cinematic characters of the 21st century. As the MCU continues to grow with new Disney+ series like She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to close in 2022 for the MCU, more and more characters are being introduced.

While the MCU is famous for its cast of colorful and engaging characters, they’ve also had bland, one-dimensional characters. Although many of these characters have failed to impress audiences, some of them are beloved by MCU fans purely for their stunning designs.


Thor: The Dark World is often cited as one of the MCU’s weakest entries, and one of the main reasons for that is the lack of a compelling villain with Malekith. Played by Doctor Who alumnus Christopher Eccleston, Malekith the Dark Elf doesn’t have much time in the film to breathe or develop as a villain.

Although Malekith is not one of the best villains in the MCU, many fans love Malekith’s appearance. Redditor RaynSideways notes how they “…really liked Malekith’s design, especially when he started absorbing Aether.” He became wicked and his skin black and charred; he looked like Sauron without armor. »

acid trip

One of the characters fans were eager to see in Thor: Ragnarok was the fire demon Surtur, the mythical demon destined to bring about the downfall of Asgard. When Ragnarok finally debuted, many fans were disappointed that Surtur’s role in the film was largely mechanical, fulfilling Ragnarok’s prophecy and defeating Hela at the end of the film.

Although his role in the film was criticized, many fans were very impressed with Surtur’s evil character design, complete with large, towering horns and red eyes. Redditor Ccbm2208 notes that Surtur was “…a treat to watch, but from a storytelling perspective he was pretty much a generic big bad.” Despite its unique role as a plot device, its character design has made it a favorite among subsequent MCUs.

The merchant of death

One of the most visually interesting characters in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is Xu Wenwu’s loyal follower known as the Death Dealer. With his visually stunning traditional Chinese opera style mask, Death Dealer has a unique character design but is underdeveloped in the film.

Many Redditors, like Pastymoonburn, pointed out that “Death Dealer’s design was great”, but it was underutilized in the film. Shang Chi has several different villain characters, but it makes sense that the film would focus on Wenwu and his relationship with Shang Chi as the focal point of the plot.


Appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ghost has an extremely unique design and power set, but is ultimately another example of an underdeveloped and weak MCU villain. Although she may have disappointed many fans, her captivating character design has made her a favorite among many Redditors.

Redditor Shagger94 notes that while she may not be the strongest villain in the MCU, “her costume design was cool as hell.” Whether or not the character has a future in the MCU, possibly in the next Thunderbolts movie, remains to be seen.

yellow jacket

One of the main criticisms of the Marvel movies, especially each character’s first solo series film, is that the hero ends up fighting an identical, albeit evil, version of himself. This is true in movies like Iron Man, Black Panther and The Incredible Hulk. Ant-Man is no exception in this case. In the film’s climactic battle, Scott Lang ends up fighting Darren Cross’ Yellowjacket, a villain nearly as powerful as his own.

Although Yellowjacket is not recognized as one of the MCU’s most complex or likable villains, his sleek mechanized design has won him a fan base among the MCU faithful. Redditors such as baccus83 have spoken of Yellowjacket’s “incredible costume design” as a reason to admire the character.

Gorr the butcher god

The MCU’s newest villain to date, Thor: Love and Thunder, stars Christian Bale as Gorr the Butcher God, whose mission to rid the galaxy of all gods puts his character on a collision course with Thor. . Early reactions to Love and Thunder hyped Gorr’s character and compared him to some of the best villains in the MCU. But when the film finally opened up to mainstream audiences, the reaction to Gorr, and the film in general, was decidedly more mixed.

While many Redditors didn’t care much for Gorr as a villain, they noted that the character’s monk roles, paired with muted gray coloring and golden eyes, made for an interesting villain. As HermitFox91 says: “I didn’t like the character at all, but I thought the design was cool. »


Taskmaster has always been a fan-favorite character that MCU fans have looked forward to. Although the Black Widow trailers had fans excited for the character’s MCU debut, many were extremely disappointed when the film was released.

Many Redditors, while appalled by the way the film treated the characters, were nevertheless impressed with the character’s appearance. MoobooMagoo, among many others, spoke of his admiration for “…designed by Taskmaster”, but not much else.


Guardians of the Galaxy is easily one of the best standalone MCU movies. What James Gunn has accomplished by introducing a completely unknown team of D-list superheroes and turning them into some of the most well-known and beloved MCU characters is amazing. But while Guardians of the Galaxy does a great job of showcasing and giving depth to its core team of heroes, the same cannot be said for its main antagonist Ronan.

Looking back at Guardians of the Galaxy now, it’s hard to remember Ronan’s motivations or anything else notable about his character. Despite being one of the MCU’s most overpowering villains, Redditors like ZekeLeap thought Ronan looked pretty “badass.”


Brock Rumlow, aka Crossbones, starred in two Captain America movies plus an appearance in Avengers: Endgame, and worked undercover in SHIELD as a HYDRA agent until the events of The Winter Soldier force him out into the open. When fans reunited with the character at the start of Civil War, the character had a completely new look. He wouldn’t stay long, detonating a suicide vest after being captured during the film’s opening scenes.

Although the character didn’t receive much development, her design was something that many Redditors, like Elfhoe, loved: “I really liked Crossbones. Too bad to see it go so quickly. It’s unlikely that Rumlow has a future in the MCU now, but with the possibilities of the multiverse open, he could always reappear.


Eternals has officially registered Marvel’s first “rotten” film on Rotten Tomatoes, despite its colorful cast and epic storytelling. Eternals, like Guardians of the Galaxy, attempts to introduce a wide variety of heroes into the MCU with varying degrees of success. One of the most visually stunning characters created for the film is the god Arishem.

The MCU has been criticized a lot recently for the quality of its visual effects and its treatment of visual effects artists, but almost everyone on Reddit agreed with depressedly2 that “…the vfx was truly breathtaking” bringing Arishem to life. .

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