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The Mercedes-Benz dealership of the LG Group opened its doors this summer in Pamier’s auto village. In this luxurious space of 1400m2, the customer is king. And it’s not just an expression.

HERE is like a luxury store. The customer must be amazed. Managed. Since July 4, the Mercedes-Benz dealership of the LG Automobiles Group has opened its doors in the automotive village of Pamiers. A large plot of 8000m2, where more shiny sedans than the others await their future owners. But there are also SUVs, more urban models such as the A-Class or the AMG sports series, soon to be completed by an SL cabriolet, and the new T-Class. Professionals will not be left out thanks to a complete range of utility vehicles.: van, tipper or box version, there are several solutions to meet their activity. Diesel, petrol, hybrid, 100% electric: the brand with the star-studded banner sweeps the possibilities. But the great singularity of the Pamiers site is the perception of the relationship with the customers.

Fully customized vehicles

“It is a completely different course than a normal admission. Here, when someone makes an appointment, you are greeted by your name because we know it is Mr. Dupont who is coming. People can enter the building with their vehicle to maintain their vehicle, which is very practical on rainy days”, explains Jean-François Capello, director of a site especially equipped with two electric charging stations. Those who have not reported their arrival in advance, can always count on the availability of “star assistance”. An employee dedicated to this “active reception”, to direct them to salesmen, accountants, shop owners and other workshop managers who come directly to meet the visitor. “It’s a unique experience”, says the director of this professional and benevolent team, who have the gift of making everyone feel that they are exceptional.

Who says exceptional customer, says exceptional car. In addition to the sharing spaces, veritable private lounges are thus set up, where buyers design their own vehicle. The leather, the dashboard, the options or the colors can be adjusted to everyone’s taste. Thanks to the configurator that works with 3D software, the future owner can visualize live the appearance of his future jewel on four wheels. “Everything can be adapted: we make tailor-made,” smiles the director.

This quest for excellence does not stop at the new car fleet. Within the LG group, which lists no less than 800 used vehicles, Mercedes-Benz benefits from all the expertise of these auto mechanics before reintroducing them to the market. With a 2-year warranty, a strong strategic choice, which again says a lot about the attention to customers.

Jean-Francois Capello, Dealer manager of Pamiers

1/ The retailer opened its doors on July 4. How have the first two months been?

very good! Customers who come to see us are happy to benefit from a local service in the branch. Before they had to go to Muret and Toulouse, so it is a real plus for Ariégeois.

2/ How did you become a director?

I have worked in the automotive industry in Ariège for twenty years. I have always worked in this environment. I had the chance to study at a well-known and recognized school in Toulouse. I then held the position of salesman for several years in various concessions before becoming the youngest director in France of a competing brand. I then took over the functions of plate manager in the Midi-Pyrénées region before being appointed to manage a concession here in Pamiers. I have always liked leading, managing people, contact with customers. In trading, if you don’t like others, it’s useless.

3/ Mercedes-Benz on behalf of the LG Group, so is it a new challenge?

It is impossible for me to continue my achievements. I like challenges and I had the chance to have an interview with Francis Comoy, the record manager for the region. A very pleasant meeting… President Ludovic Garcia is similarly a very nice person, a very humble person. I had never seen such a group before. I already knew the brand, but Mercedes-Benz is premium, full luxury. This permanent search for quality, for excellence is the main element. This is what we look for and what we convey. Here we care about the customers. DB

Used cars like new

For used vehicles, customers are assured of compliance with the Mercedes Certified charter, which provides a list of twelve obligations ranging from mileage verification to financing assistance or the loan of a vehicle when needed. Each car or van is subject to 178 checkpoints before being put back on the market under the star-studded banner. An undeniable guarantee of quality. Used cars are covered by a 2-year warranty just like new cars.

Important dates

behind two LG initials hides Ludovic Garcia that started his career at the age of 17. In 1989 he founded PRESTIGIOUS CHRYSLER BRAND CAR DEALER IN PERPIGNAN.

Mercedes-Benz, Fuso, smart, cars, utilities, trucks, rental: today the LG Group has 14 dealers in Occitanie and New Aquitaine, as well as four others in Barcelona, for 800 employees.

Currently, LG Group leads three projects in Occitanie to install Jeep dealerships in Narbonne, Carcassonne and Beziers.

In numbers

1 The Pamiers dealership is the first in the LG Group to adopt Mercedes Architecture Retail standards
800used vehicles are listed in the LG group, available everywhere
2 year warranty issued for a used vehicle
1400 square meters of interior space to welcome customers in Pamiers

Mercedes-Benz LG Pamiers cars
Avenue de La Bouriette – 09 100 Pamiers – 05 32 09 20 09 / lggroupe.com
Mercedes-Benz LG Pamier Facebook page.

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