James Bond’s cars made history

The James Bond franchise is, with each new release, constantly made more powerful, its image of prestige systematically surpassing the inherent quality of the film. As a result, James Bond creations today and for decades, an excellent commercial showcase for many brands. Telephone companies, major jewelry houses, luxury watches and other fashion houses have always had an interest in dressing or performing with the actor who plays James Bond.

It is the same and almost necessarily for the vehicles, constantly performed during frantic chases or moments as specific to the James Bond saga since forever.

Of course, the name of James Bond often has a consonance attached to the Aston Martin brand, but other manufacturers have had the privilege of accompanying agent 007 in his missions. Back to the most prestigious cars driven by Connery and others.

Aston Martin DB5

If only one were to be kept, it would undoubtedly be the DB5, considered by mere mortals to be the James Bond car. She will quickly be outfitted with gadgets galore in Goldfinger (1964) for her first appearance in the hands of Sean Connery, before returning in the final films, marking the history and prestige of the Bond franchise.

The legendary DBPhoto by Pixabay, CC0

this drive produced in 1021 examples were, at the time of its construction (1963), a veritable beast that few manufacturers like Aston Martin could boast of producing.

BMW 7 series

Far from the few examples produced, most of the Aston Martins that appear in the Bond films, today the BMW 7 Series is a great commercial success for the Munich company. For the record, it is still in production and has just started its seventh generation of models. One hell of a step forward since the famous 750iL was piloted from his phone by Pierce Brosnan in a parking lot in Hamburg, during Tomorrow never dies (1998).

bmw james bond cars

Bond often drove grand touring vehiclesPhoto by Pixabay, CC0

Naturally, this staging required exceptional technique with a steering wheel hidden behind the driver’s seat. A moment in history for a BMW flagship and for the famous Q accessory in the Bond saga.

Aston Martin DBS

The nod to the past is huge for the first opus of the Daniel Craig era in Casino Royale, in 2006. The DB5 is piloted by the latter before being replaced by one of his heirs, DBS V12, designed for the occasion before it was marketed.

This beauty is actually an advanced development of the DB9 hit for world record barrel roll shots by Craig’s understudy, Adam Kirley.

But this sublime car also has the distinction of saving Bond’s life. During a spirited and near-deadly game of poker, Bond plays Texas Holdem beautifully, but unfortunately for him, he faces some health problems that are somewhat forced by Cipher. This amazing film showing long scenes of poker gave the same activity a boost in popularity at a time when online poker was booming. Nowadays, it is also a good reminder that several variants of poker, such as Texas Holdem or Omaha, are still very popular. Whether it’s at the cinema or sometimes, from home.

Sunbeam Alpine – Series II

It will forever remain the first car put into circulation by MI6. In Dr. Well, the first part of the franchise of 25 films and released in 1962, Sean Connery works on this magnificent British car, blue in color and present on Jamaican roads. This car reached 80 horsepower for a displacement of 1592 cm3, note to fans of the genre! An old era for a vehicle that has also passed into history.

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