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In the current context of inflation, rising fuel prices and ban on the circulation of vehicles with internal combustion engines in the ZFEs, the electric car is increasingly becoming a relevant solution for French drivers.

To better understand the French’s expectations of electric cars, Vinci Autoroutes conducted a survey with a panel of 1,000 French people and 250 electric drivers.

If there is still one financial brake when buying an electric carmore than half of the French (53%) plan to drive an electric vehicle within 5 years.

Almost 1 in 5 French people (18%) say they have already made the decision to buy an electric car within 5 years, and more than 1 in 3 (35%) say they are thinking about it.

6 out of 10 French people consider the electric vehicle suitable for their journeyswith little or no difference in use today compared to a thermal vehicle, apart from refueling or going on a weekend or holiday.

Most French drivers consider electric vehicles to be preferable to internal combustion engines in order to get around with respect for the environment (56%) and to save money and preserve their purchasing power (44%), while, in their eyes, ensuring same level of security (62%) and serenity (53%).

A large majority of French drivers acknowledge that they could already use it to do their shopping (81%) or go to work (76% of actives).

Among French drivers who do not yet drive an electric vehicle, 1 in 2 acknowledge that the increase in fuel prices is likely to encourage them to take the plunge.

However, two major concerns slow down the action of French motorists and the replacement of the thermal fleet with electric cars: purchase costs and the issue of autonomy and recharging.

• That purchase costs is not attractive enough, not to say excessive: 94% of respondents believe that offering a lower price would be appropriate (64% even believe it would be “a very good idea”), and 71% believes that it would be necessary to offer a price which, for the same model, corresponds to the price of a thermal vehicle. Similarly, 90% are in favor of public or private support for the purchase of an electric car or favorable offers to exchange their old vehicle.

• That issues of autonomy and recharging : 93% would like to see many more terminals installed at motorway rest stops (50% think it would be “a very good idea”). Among the other expected services are emergency assistance in case of battery failure (92%), an application that locates the terminals available and compatible with their vehicle (90%) and harmonization and simplification of the charging offer (89%). .

Other services could also encourage the French to switch to the electric car: access to a dedicated customer service in case of questions (83% of the French would be interested), a free coaching session to support the handling of an electric vehicle (81%) or free parking spaces in the city for electric cars (83%).

As part of the survey carried out for Vinci Autoroutes, Ipsos also interviewed owners of electric cars.

The vast majority of them (91%) say they are satisfied with their choice, 55% even say they are very satisfied.

Overall, the first kilometers in an electric car were easy for 89% of them. It was easy for them to effectively manage range and charging times (68%), identify the different charging stations for charging (60%) or find available and compatible charging stations (58%).

For 55%, the prospect of having to recharge the car did not cause concern, and for 53% it was easy for them to organize themselves for the longest trips. 68% say it was easy for them to get around without startling pedestrians despite the vehicle’s silence.

Fears about the low range and difficulty of going on weekends or holidays in electric mode appear to be gradually easing, as more than 1 in 4 electric car owners (26%) say they use it “regularly” to go on holiday . Almost half (45%) of EV owners say they use it “often” to go on holiday.

Source : Ipsos survey conducted with a panel of 1,000 French people and 250 electric car drivers for VINCI Autoroutes

Methodological note : Survey conducted by Ipsos for Vinci Autoroutes with a sample of 1,250 French people, including 1,000 people who constitute a representative national sample (quota method) of the French population aged 18 and over, and 250 people who own an electric vehicle. For the overall results, the latter were returned to their actual weight (5%). The survey took place online from 9 to 13 May 2022 via the Ipsos panel.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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