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The business and management school called on associations to raise awareness among 3,000 students


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In the long corridors of the Marseille campus of the KEDGE Business School, Aurélie Dehling, director of the Grande École program (PGE), hurries along with sneakers on her feet. It is three days since the start of the new school year for the 3,000 new participants in the KEDGE Grande Ecole program, spread across the country. ” We don’t waste time, says the director. Our students must understand that from the start we are not in talk, but in action! »

Until September 30, programs and activities with the theme of inclusiveness, adapted to each level of education, will thus characterize the reception of students. Simulation of UN negotiations, film debate, workshops, conferences… The start of the 2022 school year promises to be busy.

Promote the diversity of horizons

In line with its strategic plan (see our article here) aimed at reorienting the school by 2025, KEDGE has taken a new turn. ” One of the three promises in our strategy is to be an original, sustainable and inclusive school explains Anne-France Piteau, Transition and Impact Director. With this in mind, the school has set its back-to-school year under the banner of inclusion and diversity. The aim is twofold: we want to make our students tomorrow’s inclusive leaders and improve their performancesays Anne-France Piteau. We are in an increasingly open world. To create new solutions tomorrow, we will have to appeal to the diversity of points of view. And the plurality of points of view is necessarily the plurality of horizons. That’s what we focus on. »

For PGE students, an intervention was held by representatives and recruiters from L’Oréal, a priority partner of KEDGE Business School. A total of almost one and a half hours of exchange between the students and Lamia Alkass Fleury, member of the management responsible for diversity, equality and inclusiveness for L’Oréal. At the center of the discussions: “How do you position yourself on the labor market? How do you adopt a more inclusive attitude in a concrete way? “. ” It is a good way to open paths for our students and inspire them to think differently. », states Aurélie Dehling, director of PGE. The tone is set from the start. ” When we talk about a business school, we don’t immediately think of public interest, philanthropy… At KEDGE, we immediately show the colors: here you are at an inclusive school, with zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination, and above all you have as students the power to change the world. »

Discover their talents

And in order to change the world, one must also make a commitment, which the pedagogical attitude confirms Grow By Doing® by KEDGE. This afternoon, some of the new arrivals take part in the “Battle of the Century”. This animation, imagined by the Ticket For Change association, has been adapted to meet the expectations of the school and the public. In groups of five, students are invited to discover their talents and identify the cause in which they want to get involved in order to find the right “matching” – correspondence in French.

A student participates in the collective drawing of the Battle of the Century
A student participates in the collective drawing of the Battle of the Century© TM

There is a phenomenon of eco-anxiety, especially among young peopleexplains Laura Chateigner, activity manager for Ticket For Change. A survey* shows that 75% of them find the future alarming. Our ambition is to reach out to these young people, and reach them so that they realize that all is not lost, to find the desire and energy to act. To do this, the students must jointly project themselves into 2050, as real travelers of the future, through joint drawings and card games. Enough to ” give power to imagination and dreams, in a positive and playful way “, as understood by the manager.

A task that is not always easy to achieve, especially with eco-anxious students and others who do not feel worried. ” The first part of the battle consists of presenting different issues in pictures, with shocking figures. They are asked to spontaneously choose a topic that touches them, that upsets them or that animates something in them. This makes it possible to create attachment around these topicss”, continues Laura Chateigner. At the end of the game, the travelers must write a letter of commitment to themselves, which they read in two years, to the day. ” This last phase is important to find yourself with yourself, to set a course and a goal to reach. »

In groups of five, students are invited to discover their talents and identify the cause they want to get involved with in order to find the right
In groups of five, students are invited to discover their talents and identify the cause they want to get involved with in order to find the right “match”.© TM

On September 27, a general public version of the Match of the Century will be offered by the association at Cabanon de Simon, in the 4th arrondissement of Marseille. The opportunity to slip into the shoes of a change agent.

* Survey of 10,000 young people aged 16 to 25 by the Kantar Institute in September 2021.

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