Chronicle Comics: Father Sector #1

A nugget of gold.
This Green Lantern stands out, and not just from his universe, but from comics in general. And there are several reasons for that:

Firstly, this story was conceived from an original idea by Gerard Way.
Good, Gerard who? If, like me, his name was unknown to you, you should know that it is first the singer of the group My Chemical Romance, formation that had some success on the charts between 2001 and 2013, the year of their separation. Since he was 16, he has also written scripts for comics. His bibliography includes titles such as “Young Animals” signed by DC and another series called The Umbrella Academy, adapted by Netflix with the enormous triumph that we know of. Just that…

He was looking for a talented writer to embroider around his idea and was not particularly attached to the world of comics. He was advised to read Nora K. Jemisin’s books and was immediately won over by her writing. This is my second reason. A woman, African-American (perhaps one day this will no longer need to be emphasized because it will no longer be an exception) with an innate talent for intrigue. She brings here a certain freshness, novelty, and it is very interesting. Results? Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story 20221 it is well deserved!

And third, I nominated Jamal Campbell. I had the pleasure of encountering his special features Naomi and he had already caught my eye. Jamal seems to make new characters his specialty, and beyond the fact that it’s extraordinary, it’s a great operation for this project. Its style is unique, the atmosphere they offer is refined and special. He brings a part of femininity into his atmospheres and does not distort the very essence of the work. It is quite remarkable. He brings here a level of research in the decorations and the characters at the height of the original ambition. There is everything to create and the result is more than convincing!

Remote sector 3

312 pages to take you to one of the most remote areas in existence. So far away that it takes months to travel messages from earth to the eternal city. So remote that Jo doesn’t even have contact with the Green Lanterns, she can only rely on herself. His ring also has the unique ability to recharge itself.
The city consists of Nah, @At (pronounced At-at) and Keh-Topli. Three different tribes that previously lived in harmony on two planets in the same solar system. But an attacker came to set the discord and it ends in apocalypse. In order to rebuild on a healthier basis, the survivors of this holocaust decided to suppress all emotions, convinced that the problem lay there. It is in a sprawling city, hugely populated and on the antipodes of his experience, that Jo will have to play her part as an interplanetary sheriff. Hard when you can only count on yourself and you’re the only person with feelings, well, apparently… Mullein constantly talks to us during the story, giving additional information that weaves the web ever tighter of the plot. They are almost real time scans as she is still discovering these civilizations.

There are many degrees of reading in this comic dealing with important topics such as difference, acceptance, forgiveness, self-criticism, politics, emotions… We feel that the author is very engaged in these topics and I find it hard not to . think some of it is even autobiographical. It is a book that requires a personal investment, is not an easy read, but will delight readers in search of novelty, devotees of dark studies and those who want to expand their horizons.

1 The Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story is an American award presented annually since 2009 by members of the World Science Fiction Society. It rewards science fiction and fantasy comics published during the previous calendar year.

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