Back to school and homework: how to arrange the ideal space for your children?

The ideal place to set up the homework area
First essential point not to be overlooked? The place where children go to do their homework. As a rule, parents install the office area where there is space. However, it is very important to adapt the place to the children’s age. Which means you really need to personalize this space dedicated to reflection, concentration and learning.

Young children, for example, need much more sustained support. Therefore, we suggest that you turn the homework corner into a common living room. The ideal? A room adjacent to the living room or kitchen! In this way, parents can go about their business while having the opportunity to respond to the child’s wishes and help them accordingly.

As for teenagers, they generally want more independence and will probably prefer to enjoy their own space. In this case, it is better to arrange a homework corner for them in a separate room, which radiates calmness. Why not in their own room, a guest room or an office?

The other option is to use wasted space such as under stairs, high ceilings (by installing a mezzanine), the space under a bunk bed, a basement or even converted attics. Do you need more space? Get a folding table against the wall, a hanging folding chair and you’re done!

Although the child’s age is a very important parameter, his personality and his way of functioning also weigh in the balance. In any case, avoid distractions as much as possible and do not install televisions, game consoles or other devices that may distract them.

Supplies that make it easy to organize…
Supplies are essential to the development of the homework corner. The goal is not to overload your child’s desk, but to keep the room clean and tidy to minimize distractions. So choose suitable storage, bins, baskets or filing cabinets, especially if the office does not have drawers. The child must be able to easily grab his supplies and put everything away quickly. Our tip? Encourage her to use color codes and labels. Both super practical and fun, it will allow him to get organized and see things more clearly when he opens his homework books!

It is also welcome to give children books and tools to help them with their homework (Bescherelle, dictionary, calculator, etc.). Let’s not forget that the Internet is a double-edged sword: a goldmine that can turn into real entertainment, for hours in some cases.

To replace the traditional agenda, install a dry-erase calendar, a chalkboard, or a bulletin board with post-its and/or magnets. These supplies are ideal: don’t forget certain homework, note down the dates for assigning exercises or projects… Everything to allow your child to become an actor in his learning!

… and it makes you want to work
Once the functional side of the homework corner is thought through, it is essential to personalize it by decorating it to stimulate creativity and attendance. Bring color and juggle a mix of materials to make this space inviting. In this regard, you should know that colors have a real impact on our brain. Depending on the child’s temperament, you can use a favorite shade: green for concentration, orange for calming, blue for calming or red for motivation and stimulation.

The room must be attractive and comfortable, in harmony with the child’s passions and personality Our advice? Allow him to give free rein to his creativity! This can go through posters, posters to hang on the walls, add DIY decoration such as handmade pencil holders, garlands or paintings and drawings.

Lighting is also a criterion that must not be neglected. As such, three light sources are ideally required. The first is natural light: make sure, if possible, to arrange the homework corner near a window. The second, which is the ambient light (that from the ceiling lamp for example), must not be too aggressive so as not to create a headache. And to finish, add a so-called “specific” light, thanks to a small desk lamp that the child can direct as he wants.

The primary choice of seat

If your development project involves a small child, it is not necessary to acquire an expensive ergonomic chair, it is enough that it is comfortable and at the right height.

On the other hand, for an older child, it is imperative to provide the desk area with an adjustable and ergonomic seat. In fact, young people spend much more time studying because the workload is greater. An uncomfortable seat can be harmful to concentration, or worse, health, cause back problems or headaches.

Still have some space? Choose another, more comfortable armchair, a space for cushions or a large stool. This little extra space will be perfect for a comfortable read!

Creating an organized and comfortable homework corner for your child will greatly contribute to his success in school. This allows him to acquire good habits and at the same time avoid disorder and confusion by delimiting the spaces. This dreaded moment of homework becomes so much more enjoyable.

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