This oversight of the car is unforgivable and severely punished: the fine is €3750!

Motorists should not neglect road safety rules when they decide to get behind the wheel. The risk is will receive a large fine. Especially since it is possible to expose yourself to other penalties.

A fine of 3750 euros

When a person buys a car, he must definitely think about it insure your vehicle. Neglecting this step in taking out car insurance can result in fines or other community service penalties.

According to the Service-Public website, a driver who does not have car insurance is committing an offence. In fact, Article L211-1 of the Insurance Code states that car insurance subscription is mandatory for all land vehicles that have an engine.

If a driver stubbornly violates this obligation to take out insurance, he incurs fines. He therefore risks not only receiving a fine, but also other sanctions. A fine up to 3750 euros.

The person must therefore pay this fine over a given period. In addition to this fine of 3,750 euros, there is also the risk of community service. And this in addition to a three-year license suspension.

In some cases, you risk being suspended for 5 years. In addition, there is a mandatory internship awareness of road safety. The worst part is also seeing his vehicle confiscated.

Financial penalties in the event of an accident

Things get complicated if you ever crash a car without car insurance. It is the FGAO or the guarantee fund for compulsory accident insurance that is responsible for compensation for victims of traffic accidents.

It is she who repairs the damage, especially when the author of the accident does not have car insurance. On the other hand, FGAO does not guarantee any care orcompensation for material damage for the author of the accident.

In addition, he must make a payment to the FGAO of the full amount used by the latter replace the victim. If the damage from the accident turned out to be very serious, the amount to be reimbursed is much larger.

The author of the accident then risks paying an amount calculated on the basis of his income each month. A payment which can last a lifetime depending on the case.

What are the benefits of insuring your vehicle?

You are now aware that driving without car insurance can give you a lot of trouble. But by following the rules, your car can provide many benefits.

When you decide toinsure your vehicle, you avoid getting a fine, but also none of the above penalties. If the accident happens, the car insurance covers both material damage and physical damage.

This means that those concerned will be able to benefit from treatment if they are injured. insurance is responsible for repairing material damage caused by the accident.

Even if she compensation to third parties, the subscriber will still be protected from lawsuits. If you are the originator of a traffic accident, the affected person can sue you.

The benefit of having taken out insurance will exempt you Financial expenses as a result of this accident. This will mainly concern reimbursement of the car, costs of hospitalization and certain compensations.

The different types of car insurance

There are several types of car insurance. To begin with, there is car insurance regarding “civil liability”. It’s about minimum criterion set by lawso the driver must at least have a contract of this type.

The law also says insurance with formulas “third part”. At a minimum, you can choose a plan that offers to cover the driver’s bodily injury. You can add other guarantees.

You will be able to claim this protection when the event occurs, when you have borrowed your vehicle. This can also be useful when the vehicle is damaged by objects on the public highway.

Not to mention that there is more satisfactory service in terms of quality and price. As an example, we can cite the fact that the driver benefits from better care if a tragedy ever occurs. Insurance is there for you coverage in the event of an accident and not to avoid a fine.

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