Millau. The association “Sprogrummet” presents literary Thursdays

Thursday, September 22, the brand new millavoise association” The space of language » accepts the psychologist Lee Ann of Alexandriaon the occasion of the publication of his latest book ” The explosive families “.

We all love each other very much and yet it screams in every direction at home… “When you are a loving parent, when you are committed to creating the necessary conditions for a satisfying family life, when your children are sweet and fairly communicative, when you know that you are neither pathologically affected nor abusive…

What makes everything go wrong sometimes? Welcome to explosiveness! Living together is not easy. The simple daily life together is a constant tour de force! But if the explosions are normal, that is not a reason to suffer them and suffer from deteriorating family relationships…

Lee-Ann of Alexandria invites you to look at your tribe through the prism of the family system and through a completely new concept, explosiveness, which allows you to understand relationships differently – as a couple, with your children and even between your children. Lee-Ann from Alexandria is a clinical psychologist and trained in systems, family therapy and Ericksonian hypnosis. After several years as an expert at the courts, as well as in a hospital environment, she has practiced in private practice with children and young people for ten years.

What is the language space?

L’Espace du Langage is a new association based in Millau. It offers unique meetings about thoughts, ideas, new intellectual practices, the development of society, in a simple spirit and accessible to all. Meet the inventors of new thought experiments.
This project was born after the lockdown, after an awareness that we all need to find the desire to think together, go out, find ourselves!

The first season consists of several meetings that will bring together a wide range of disciplines, from philosophy, new practices in psychoanalysis to sociology, including ecology, the latest research on consciousness, neuroscience or current issues.

Who is the language room?

The association was established by Flora Aubinanimator/facilitator in collective intelligence, certified professional consultant/coach, specialized in supporting change in teams and leaders for 25 years, psychoanalyst in Millau.

We wanted to create a dynamic association: it organizes six events over a season (from September to July) with strategic goals that are part of a desire to contribute to SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy), which puts people at the center. of societal development. For this, we develop cultural innovation projects with a social dimension and civic engagement throughout the territory of Occitania.

Each meeting will provide access to culture for all, especially to promote the recognition of mental disabilities in our society, thanks to the interventions of authors who have published on these subjects. But also by supporting the creation of new initiatives, especially in favor of the creation of therapeutic gardens in EPHADs, psychiatric hospitals … because we are convinced that nature can help us heal. For this, we want to make connections with local structures to anchor our project in a neighborhood dynamic.

We want to animate these meetings so that everyone can express themselves. For this we will use a facilitation process inspired by collective intelligence methods “.

This first meeting takes place at Créa. Flora Aubin will facilitate and animate the interview and discussions, giving the public a unique opportunity to discuss the evening’s topic thanks to a time for free questions with the speaker. In 2023, other meetings will take place throughout Occitanie.

Conference on “Explosive families”, with Espace du langue on Thursday 22 September at 18.30 at Créa. The meeting ends with a cozy aperitif cocktail. Info and reservations: | • Paf: minimum €8.

Programming 2023

Audrey Chapotanthropologist, ethnologist “Recognition man/storyteller – Hopi people of peace” in self-published
Laura LongPhilosopher, “Towards a motherhood without a body” at Éditions de l’Observatoire
Jean-Baptiste DethieuxPsychiatrist and psychoanalyst – “Renaissance” • Bruno Traversi, researcher, philosopher, specialist in the thought of CG Jung – “The unconscious body” by Éditions de l’Harmattan (June 2023)
Dr. Sylvie CafardyGeriatrician, “Experiencing imminent death”, published by Human Sciences

Contact persons: Flora Aubin – |

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