How to connect a Bluetooth headset to your mobile

If you have Bluetooth headphones and you don’t know how to connect them to your mobile, in this guide we will tell you step by step what to do.

Wireless earphones are one of the most popular technological devices at the moment. More and more users are encouraged to buy these headphones to listen to music without having to pack cables easily. But to use these wireless headphones, you need to know how to connect them to your mobile using Bluetooth connection, a process that we will explain to you step by step in this article.

It only takes a few seconds of your time to connect your Bluetooth headset to your mobile phone. Far from what you might think at first, it is a very simple process, you can do it even if your knowledge of smartphones is not very advanced. Whether button or headband, below you will learn how to wirelessly connect your headphones to your mobile, a process very similar to the one you have to follow to pair them with other devices, such as a tablet.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to your mobile

Find out how to connect Bluetooth headphones to mobile phones in a few simple steps.

How to connect a wireless headset to a mobile

The first thing you need to do when buying new wireless earbuds is to find out what method they use to enter pairing mode, ie. turn Bluetooth on so they appear available for use. other units. Some have a button on the charging case, some do it by pressing the button on each earbud at the same time, and some hide it behind their touch buttons.

When you use them for the first time, it is normal for the headphones to automatically enter pairing mode. However, if you have already connected them to one device and want to change them to another, you will need to activate the Bluetooth mode that we are talking about.

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Once you understand this step, you can proceed to connect your wireless headphones to your mobile phone. Here are the steps you need to perform:

  1. Open your mobile settings and go into the “Bluetooth” section.
  2. Open the headphones and put them in pairing mode.
  3. Update the “Available devices” list on your mobile so that the headphones appear there.
  4. Tap the name of the headset.
  5. In the settings menu that appears, tap “Link”. After a few seconds, the headphones will be connected to the smartphone.

The connection between wireless headphones and Android phones has recently been improved with Google’s Fast Pair technology. When this is present in the earphones, it will appear directly on the screen of your Android mobile when you open the charger. In addition, you can also see the battery level, both on the earphones and the charging case.

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