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Moving an immobilized vehicle: which way to tow?

An accident, a breakdown or even just a flat tire can happen so quickly despite all the precautions that can be taken. Nothing is enough to render your vehicle useless and immobilize it while you await the intervention of a repairman. If the impossibility of driving your car very far is very annoying, it is especially the costs associated with taking it to a workshop or even to the scrapyard that may worry you.

Depending on your insurance policy, the circumstances surrounding the immobilization of your vehicle – whether it is a breakdown or an accident – ​​you will not always be fully covered by your insurance company, if at all. On the one hand, you must be aware of the deductible, which can be prohibitive in relation to the real costs. On the other hand, depending on where your vehicle is immobilized, if it is less than 50 kilometers from your home, your insurance may not cover the towing. Check your contract carefully to find out its terms. If necessary, you must therefore move your vehicle at your own expense.

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Here are the different ways to move an immobilized car:

  • Drive your vehicle to the nearest garage
  • Hire a professional towing service
  • Rent a cargo or car transport truck

The cost of professional towing

This is the first reflex you may be tempted to have when you are down. Although professional towing services are convenient in the event of an accident or breakdown, for example on the highway or in the middle of the night, it is not necessarily the best solution.

If the insurance, as mentioned above, does not necessarily reimburse this service, it can also be very expensive. We are generally talking about a price of more than a hundred euros for the shortest tows and much more during longer journeys. So remember your car insurance details and if you don’t know them, call your insurer to find out what your level of cover is.

Towing a car: prices and limits

Have you chosen to be responsible for towing your immobilized vehicle yourself? It is quite possible, although you must follow certain rules to ensure your safety and that of other road users. Immediately forget about driving your car alone on the road, you will need an additional car equipped with a towbar that will be attached to the towbars as well as another driver. This option can be useful at a reasonable price, but requires compliance with a few basic rules:

  • The towing vehicle must be heavier than the one being towed
  • The speed must not exceed 25 km/h
  • The journey must be short enough and must not use motorways and motorways
  • Vehicles must queue
  • Lights and/or flashing lights must clearly indicate the special condition of the convoy

Renting a car transport truck: prices

By renting a car carrier, you choose the compromise between professional towing and private towing. It is possible to use the car holder alone thanks to its charging accessory. If your vehicle is rolling, you can put it directly on the platform. If it is immobilized, you can use the included winch, which allows you to place your vehicle on the platform using secure wedges.

This economical option allows you to easily move your vehicle at a reasonable price. You actually can rent a cheap car company thanks to one of the many utility rental agencies.

Driving car transport is within everyone’s reach, provided you hold a driving license B. You must of course be aware of the total weight of the transport vehicle added to the weight of the immobilized vehicle to be moved. Like any heavy vehicle, be careful when driving, braking and turning to avoid any disappointment. The key word, as always when driving a car, is “expectation”.

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You can also go through renting a flatbed. The latter can be mounted on a secondary vehicle. But watch out for the trailer’s weight limit, which can quickly be exceeded when transporting a car or van. You will also not have the same comfort as renting a car carrier, as the load distribution will be different and tools such as a winch will not always be included. Whatever you choose, find out with a rental agency that will be able to guide you to the best choice for you.

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