A video game bar, a 100% plant-based butcher shop… 7 business ideas for entrepreneurs

Does the cycling world appeal to you? You no longer swear by local and justified consumption? Do you ban meat in favor of vegetarianism? Are you an inveterate gamer? Good news! All these sectors now offer great opportunities for those who know how to capture societal change. Small selection for entrepreneurial souls.

Open a video game bar

For Nicolas Nioche, it all starts … at home. One evening, this communication project manager experiences a neighborhood party. Unable to sleep, he simply decides to… invite himself. The evening ends with playing old consoles with said neighbor. “The idea to open a video game bar together in Rennes was born like that,” says Nicolas. By mixing crowdfunding, personal contributions and borrowing, the two partners raise the 200,000 euros needed to buy the business, equipment and work. From the opening it was a success: having a drink in front of a console appealed to geeks and gamers from Rennes.

And they are not alone. “Project managers from other cities approached us and asked us to become franchisees. We then did the necessary assembly, created a holding company, but also our bible, writing down all our processes, all in one month! “, details Nicolas. Besides, the name of the holding company is OEPAD, because We’re caught off guard,” he admits, laughing. With its seven bars, its twenty employees and its million-dollar turnover, WarpZone is far from game over!

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    The WarpZone network favors medium-sized cities, as Nicolas explains: “In Paris there is a lot of competition with high rents. It is less risky to start in the provinces. In a town of 60,000 people, there could be an e-sports bar. »

Get started in the 100% vegetable butcher shop

Sometimes it’s by not looking that you find… The proof with Philippe Conte and Isabelle Bensimon, who in 2014 discovered during a trip to the Netherlands a meat that they had difficulty identifying. And for good reason: the butcher’s cut they just tasted is actually 100% vegetable. Amazed, the couple, who at the time were connected to mobile telephony and were eager to retrain, jump on the concept. “For us it was obvious that the vegetable butchery would become the big market of the 21st century,” explains Philippe. It was already developed in the USA, Great Britain, in Northern Europe, but not yet in France. » Bingo!

The duo trained in hygiene methods related to food, found a restaurant shop in Paris, set out to conquer its suppliers, mostly Dutch, and its customers by adapting the recipes to the French market. “The Dutch, for example, put a lot of pepper, which is not necessarily adapted to the taste here,” notes Philippe. We also insisted that everything be palm oil free. » Steaks, sausages and nuggets… have won the loyalty of vegan customers at Vegetarisk Slagter for five years. Which has closed its doors today: “Parisian rents are too expensive, therefore a problem with profitability, and personnel management is complicated. We have turned towards BtoB”, explains Philippe. Its new customers: food wholesalers, school canteens and local communities, all attracted by this extraordinary plant offer.

  • Are we up and running?
    More than a fad, a revolution! In recent years, manufacturers of vegetable meat and imitation meat have no longer proven the unashamed health. According to JP Morgan, this market could be worth $100 billion worldwide within twenty years. Hence the interest in getting started quickly, because, as Philippe points out, “there will come a time when this market will interest the major players in the food industry. They will then be able to launch themselves or try to take over already existing market shares by acquiring companies like ours”.

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Become the bike repair Doctolib

It is the star of deconfinement! The bicycle market, already worth 2 billion euros, is about to explode. Alexis Zerbib, founder of Cycloflix, a home bicycle repair service, had foreseen this boom in 2015: With 5,000 euros in his pocket at the time, he launched and distributed business cards on bicycles parked in Paris. That’s how he came across Paulin Dementhon, the founder of Drivy, who opened up his network of investors to him. “I raised 250,000 euros, which allowed me to create my mobile repair platform,” explains Alexis.

In five years, Cyclofix has carried out 300,000 interventions, and the current enthusiasm for two-wheeled cars is only getting stronger. “We are bringing the sector together as new repair companies can work with us and be present on our platform,” says Alexis, who is preparing to implement his service in Nice.

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    The cycling sector has never had such a boom and it is not ready to stop: since the end, Cyclofix has observed a peak in activity on its platform five to six times higher than last year. The government even launched an Academy of Bicycle Trades in May to meet the growing demand for repairs. Objective: to support the training of 500 bicycle mechanics per year, but also of bicycle experts at all levels (coaches, managers, etc.) Are you ready to find a place on this new track?

Create an urban farm

800 million people work in urban agriculture worldwide, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. At the heart of everything is the production, of course, which is set up in the center of cities with projects like Caverne. Installed in a Parisian parking lot, this farm produces mushrooms and endives.

  • Are we up and running?
    “We had a boulevard in front of us: the number of mushroom houses has been reduced by 90% in thirty years. Since organic is very fluid, the uniqueness of our project perfectly met the expectations of urban consumers,” says Jean-Noël Gertz. His farm is about to reach a million euros in revenue. And to open a new location in Lyon.

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Engage in film tourism

Faced with young people’s dissatisfaction with tourist agencies, new offers are being created. Like film tourism. The concept: fans of a film or series buy an organized tour to go to the filming and action locations in the footsteps of their hero. Mehdi Hellali, founder of NewGo Travel, which has been cradled since childhood by manga and video games, offers transportation-hotel-ticket packages for geek, e-sports and film tourism events. His bestseller: Harry Potter in London.

  • Are we up and running?
    With tight prices, we can attract a younger target than traditional travel agencies. In 2019, the box had a turnover of 500,000 euros.

Open a release room

Destroy everything in the office without risking getting fired? After the frenzy of escape games, it’s time for the “release” rooms. David Lafranque, co-founder of Fury Room, created with 30,000 euros in his pocket a network of rooms where customers come to break everything. Its business model relies heavily on its ability to find objects… to destroy. “In the beginning we did the big ones. Then we found companies that wanted to get rid of their computer equipment at a low price instead of paying the landfill. »

  • Are we up and running?
    Its business model relies heavily on its ability to find objects… to destroy. The “Demolition Party” box is doing well: 200,000 to 250,000 euros in revenue per year for the Parisian space and the opening of franchises in Bordeaux, Geneva and Chicago.

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Helping 50-year-olds meet each other

There are 9 million singles over 50 in France, 21 million in 2070 according to INSEE… and almost no dating site dedicated to these handsome lovers. “Three years ago, nobody was interested in this segment,” says Heloïse des Monstiers, France director of Meetic, which is launching Sayons Demain, a site aimed at 50-65 year olds. Today a card that has 1.5 million subscribers, three times more than in the planned business plan.

  • Are we up and running?
    Of course, the competition is fierce between Disons Demain, Lumen and Club 50 plus, but there is still room to seduce this very heterogeneous target: ultra-targeted dating app, thematic e-clubs, slow dating… A tip for future entrepreneurs in the sector: “We have voluntarily ‘banned’ the word ‘senior’ from our communications! »

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