Medhioub misleads international organizations

Rached Khiari cases: Medhioub misleads international organizations

Ennahdha Islamist MP Maher Medhioub sent a complaint to various international organizations on August 24 about the six cases involving his colleague Rached Khiari. Complaints were sent in particular to the International Federation for Human Rights, Amnesty, Euromed Human Rights Monitor, EuroMed Rights, Committee for Protection of Journalists, etc.

Maher Medhioub states that Rached Khiari is a deputy and investigative journalist who is being prosecuted by the Tunisian authorities before civil and military courts in cases related to his parliamentary oversight work or his work as an investigative journalist or blogger. All his affairs, he says, concern the nation and the citizen.

What Maher Medhioub says is completely false and misleads all these international organizations.

Rached Khiari has never been an investigative journalist, nor a journalist at all. Remember that to be a journalist you must have a press card issued by a special committee, which includes representatives of the state and the company. But Khiari never got this card. He is just a blogger who runs the Assada site.

As for the complaints filed against him, it is not just a matter of political affairs. Far from.

There is only one political affair, the one where he accused, without evidence, the President of the Republic of having been financed by the United States during the time of Donald Trump. He also accused him of intelligence with foreign countries, notably France, Iran and the United States. Rached Khiari himself said that he is ready to present the documents that testify to his statements in court. Not only has he never presented any evidence in court, but he has never produced any document to support his remarks either on his blog or on his Facebook page.

With the exception of this case, which could be described as political, Rached Khiari is prosecuted by civilians in civil cases for common law crimes.

Among these cases is the one brought against him by the journalist (a real journalist at that), Hamza Belloumi, who has been the subject of harassment and intimidation campaigns for months by Rached Khiari. The latter attacked his person, his privacy and his family with the aim of punishing him and preventing him from continuing his investigative investigations regarding Quranic schools and religious.

Rached Khiari is also being sued by his colleague, the former deputy of Attayar, Mohamed Ammar, who was recorded without his knowledge, in his own home. The recording in question concerned an interview about a parliamentary coalition and a vote of no confidence against the Speaker of the Parliament Rached Ghannouchi. Rached Khiari took excerpts from the secret recording and edited them to make parts disappear, to smear Mohamed Ammar and discredit him in the eyes of public opinion. For weeks, the deputy had to endure a veritable campaign of harassment, insults and threats on social networks.

Rached Khiari is also being sued by his other colleague Fayçal Tebbini, who also had to endure campaigns of mockery, insults and harassment. Sir. Tebbini’s only fault is being anti-Islamist unlike the Speaker of the Parliament.

For months, Rached Khiari has multiplied hostile and defamatory Facebook posts against Fayçal Tebbini. He spoke about his private life and alleged adulterous relationships and multiplied the videos secretly recorded in front of Mr. Tebbini’s home. He even accidentally posted a pornographic video claiming that Fayçal Tebbini was seen in the picture. Despite the latter’s denials and his fight for justice to protect him, Rached Khiari continued his destructive work, taking advantage of the parliamentary immunity and protection given to him by the former head of government Hichem Mechichi and the speaker of the parliament Rached Ghannouchi.

That Maher Medhioub contacts international organizations to defend people suffering from unjust prosecutions is understood. But that he contacts them to try to excuse a most despicable person by misleading them, that cannot go unmentioned.

Rached Khiari was the man behind the dirty work of the Islamist party Ennahdha, and this is notorious. The fact that he is now in prison awaiting trial is only fair. He is quite simply a dangerous man for society and democracy. It is not Kai Saied’s regime that persecutes him, it is his own victims who demand justice.


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