Kenya: a new pro-business stance towards Morocco (Business Today)

Saturday 17 September 2022 at 16.45

Nairobi – The Republic of Kenya has adopted a new pro-business stance towards Morocco, the Kenyan economic newspaper “Business Today” pointed out.

In an analysis published on Saturday, following Kenyan President William Ruto’s decision to revoke the recognition of the pseudo-“SADR” and to speed up economic relations with Morocco, the Kenyan media recalls that President Ruto promised that there is one more week to lower the price of fertilizer from Ksh 6,100 (Ksh 100 = 1 USD) to Ksh 3,600.

To this end, the newspaper, which reports that 1.4 million bags of fertilizer will be imported mainly from Morocco, recalls that the OCP Group is the world’s leading producer of phosphate fertilizers with a third of the world market.

Last Monday, William Ruto had promised to publish new prices for maize flour and fertilizer, noting that his “realpolitik” implies a rapprochement with Morocco in the crucial area of ​​fertilizer, analyzes the article’s author, who recalls that an agreement in the same field between Morocco and Nigeria, signed in 2017, had made it possible to reduce the price of a bag of fertilizer from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 1,700.

On the other hand, the paper notes that Morocco is the eighth largest tea importer in the world with $200 million, while Kenya is the third largest exporter with $1.2 billion, meaning that a sixth of Kenyan tea could go to Morocco alone.

Thanks to its South-South policy, the Kingdom of Morocco considers Kenya an excellent nation with which it can establish mutual commercial cooperation, especially in agriculture, health and tourism, the media points out, noting that according to experts, in the coming years, Kenyan tea be very present in Morocco.

“Over the past twenty years, Morocco has become the leading direct African investor in West Africa, contributing 4% to Cameroon’s GDP and 9% to neighboring Senegal’s,” the author says. , recalling that in 2016 IFC (International Finance Corporation) and the Moroccan banking group Attijariwafa Bank signed an agreement to support companies and stimulate investment and cross-border trade in Africa.

Following the message from His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the new President of the Republic of Kenya, William Ruto, the Republic of Kenya has decided to revoke the recognition of the pseudo-“SADR” and to begin the steps for the closure of its representation in Nairobi, we recall .

A joint communique, passages of which were published on the website of the State House of the Republic of Kenya (State House), following the delivery on Wednesday of a message from HM the King to the head of the Kenyan state, indicated “out of respect for the principle of territorial integrity and non-interference, Kenya gives its full support to the serious and credible autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco, as a unique solution based on Morocco’s territorial integrity,” to resolve this dispute.

“Kenya supports the United Nations framework as the exclusive mechanism to achieve a lasting and permanent political solution to the dispute over the Sahara issue,” the joint statement stressed.

William Ruto expressed his willingness and commitment to work with the sovereign to strengthen relations between the two countries, praising the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in promoting policies of tolerance and accommodation in the Maghreb region, as well as his contribution to the world. peace and security.

The two countries are committed to raising their bilateral diplomatic relations to the level of strategic partnership in the next 6 months, the statement said, adding that the Republic of Kenya is committed to opening its embassy in Rabat.

Similarly, it was agreed to immediately speed up economic, trade and social relations between the two countries, especially in fisheries and agriculture and food security (import of chemical fertilizers).

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