Unique vintage cars sold at auction at the Galerie de Chartes

The catalog of vintage motorcycles and cars offered for auction on Saturday 17 September by Galerie de Chartres is once again of a very high standard. Julien Galoin, technical advisor of the Gallery, confirms this on the eve of this 4th edition dedicated to motorized two- and four-wheeled motorcycles: “I start with the doyenne of the sale, the Rêve type A motorcycle from 1911, of Swiss origin. Top of the range among the models made at the beginning of the 20th century. »

“Quality of finish”

This luxury machine, produced by the Geneva workshops, benefits from the best technical innovations of the time, especially sourced from England and Italy: “An exceptional quality of finish. This set is not actually intended for rolling, but rather a rustic display piece. Its owner, who worked for Zénith, a brand of carburetors, restored it to perfection.

An interesting motorcycle should appeal to collectors or enthusiasts: a René Gillet 1000 type L from 1948: “This is the largest displacement in its range. A brand that has been especially used by armies and administrations. The expert describes the condition of the two-wheeler as extraordinary. Julien Galoin is precise: “A concours condition with a beautiful patina which is rare. »

For the record, the French motorcycle manufacturer, René Gillet, studied locksmithing in Chartres. The main name of the event is symbolized by an Ariel 1,000 Square Four from 1955: “For me, one of the most beautiful machines ever. “An ideal handlebar to participate in vintage motorcycle rallies.

premium A selection of auctions for the year 2021 at Galerie de Chartres


Another motorcycle will be sought after: a Terrot 250 OSSP from 1939. The technical advisor says: “It is sublime. The list of motorcycles should attract French, Swiss, Dutch, English and German buyers.

The auction selling platform is not elitist. Enthusiasts can bid on mopeds, perhaps to revive memories of their childhood. With auction starting at €500. We can mention a Chaplait 52 S from 1953, a splendid schooner from 1952. And others even cheaper, such as a Piaggo Cia from 2000, a Peugeot 102 MT from 1968, a Solex 6,000 from 1973, a Gitane Testi Pull or from 197 Pull. a 2010 Moskito mini bike.

Two Triumph convertibles

Two prestigious cars are on the program for this event. Ulysse James, technical adviser on four wheels, highlights the 1955 Triumph TR2: “After the war, Sir Black, head of the Standard Triumph Group, launched a robust, economical, high-performance and accessible sports car. Driving pleasure and the art of living made this TR2 a huge success , because it was new at the time. Only 8,636 examples of this roadster were produced. What makes it a rarity: “This icon has been exported a lot to the United States. Some have even turned it into racing cars because it looks like a go-kart, the chassis is so low. It brings real sensations.”

premium Me Alain Paris, auctioneer, is retiring after 29 years of auctioning at the Galerie de Chartres

Historic rallies

According to the expert, its so-called “small mouth” grille and its plunging doors were assets that made it successful: “A graceful line. This English car, which could reach 172.7 km/h, was completely stripped down for restoration. Its starting price is between €20 and €25,000: “It is eligible for historic rallies. There are many spare parts, so it can cross the ages.

Another Triumph convertible, a 1965 Spitfire 4 MK2, which has only had two owners since 1971, is also offered for sale. In total: 49 lots, including posters and tanks, are offered for auction.

Thierry Delaunay

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