the used car market is booming

In the Dordogne, as elsewhere, there is still panic on the used car market. The big dealers as well as the more modest ones observe this: “It’s the law of supply and demand, sums up Leslie Laforce of the Alliance Andres automobiles, Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi and MG dealership, based in Trélissac. The more people want it, the more prices are rising.”

The rush

A number of global factors are responsible for this: withdrawal of trade due to Covid, scarcity of computer semiconductors, rising freight prices, inflation, increase in rates: the list of ingredients is as long as it is not exhaustive. With the same consequence pointed out by all the Périgord operators: the deadlines for acquiring a new car are stretched. “Before, it was three months on average, Leslie Laforce measures. Today it is between six and twelve. Marine Alary makes the same estimate: “We went from four months to a year, or even a year and a half. »

“We use Leboncoin or La Centrale to buy cars all over France”

The consequence is immediate. “Those who can’t wait that long flock to used cars that have few kilometers and are less than five years old,” she continues. She takes the example of the Suzuki Timmy, 20,000 euros entry level but with random delivery times. “People are ready to buy 32,000 euros for a 2021 model that has done 20,000 km but is available immediately. »

At the Périgueux fair, many brands are represented, although Renault, Citroën and Peugeot are absent.

Gregoire Morizet

Price increase

The price increase is mechanical. Romain Patient quickly realized this: “When you receive five or six calls in an hour for a car, you understand that the market is improving. 2000 euros on average. »

Nationally, the number of transactions fell in July (-19%) and August (-15.8%) last year, according to “L’Automobile Magazine”: “70,000 new units were once again scrapped, with 38,252 transactions recorded in August .The specialized media estimate that prices have increased by +7.5% since the start of 2022.

This increase is “pushing consumers towards older, more polluting and less fuel-efficient vehicles,” says Suzuki’s Leslie Laforce. This observation is not shared by Frédéric Penicaud of the Rebière et Cie concession in Trélissac, where the flags of Fiat, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Abarth fly. According to him, “you cannot say that there are fewer options available”.

The number of cars presented fell at the Périgueux fair.

The number of cars presented fell at the Périgueux show.

Gregoire Morizet

On the other hand, the choice offered has clearly been reduced. “Before, 25 out of 50 cars in the fleet were sold. Today, out of 25 exposed, everyone goes,’ he continues. On a much larger scale, Sébastien Richard, from the Faurie group, who in particular manages Renault in Trélissac, the largest dealer in Périgord, the observation is implacable: “We carried out work for a car park with 300 spaces, where we had 250 spaces. cars. Today there are only 80 left.

A rare commodity

Turnover rates rose sharply. “Usually we kept a used one in stock for one or two months. We pick her up there on Monday, and on Wednesday she is gone. We no longer need a gigantic park”, describes Frédéric Penicaud.

Commercial strategies have changed: exit campaigns, discounts and other preferential loans. “When I have a car in stock, I tell the customer that they must position themselves quickly,” we explain at Hyundai. This is not sales pitch, but reality. “When a client says to me, ‘I’m looking for such and such a model’, I tell him that I already have a waiting list of three or four people ahead of him,” says Sébastien Richard.

More desirable and more expensive used cars have therefore become a valuable asset for dealers. Romain Patient catches them “regularly over the Argus coast”. At Clauds autos, the equation is the same: “To attract customers, it must have a mass impression with many vehicles,” says Marine Alary. We therefore use Leboncoin or La Centrale to buy back cars throughout France. »

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