The Pulsar collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

The range of earth tones, launched this autumn, offers a range of visual and tactile experiences thanks to finishes that testify to the unique know-how of the world leader in porcelain stoneware.

Celestially beautiful, Pulsar seems to come straight from another galaxy. The new collection of ceramic plates developed by Fiandre architectural surfaces is the result of a true artistic explosion. Literally as figuratively. The series is a mixture of the purest mineral materials and is inspired by the origin of the universe. When the very first elementary particles came together to form the planets. A creative big-bang whose visual result evokes both the infinitely small and the infinitely large, like a journey from the atom to the stars. But beyond mere appearances, Pulsar also defies earthly laws with its exceptional properties that allow numerous uses. Available in three finishes with targeted characteristics, these panels are so versatile that they are suitable for all architectural situations. A technical feat born from the meticulous work of the research department at Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, which has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 60 years. But while they evoke cosmic origins, these new surfaces really concern our planet earth. Thanks to a completely natural composition without glue or resin, like all the production of the Italian company.

The gravel effect of the Pulsar collection

Geological exploration of the Pulsar collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

At first glance, the Pulsar collection first surprises with the richness of its details. Available in five refined shades, their very natural earthy aspect nevertheless suggests extra-terrestrial origins. Called Snow Pulsar, Graphite Pulsar, Gravel Pulsar, Silt Pulsar and Dune Pulsar, each of which evokes the surface of a distant planet. A very concrete allegory of the saying that all matter is made of stardust. But behind this starry look is also ground-breaking design. The series is available in three finishes and adapts to horizontal, vertical configurations and humid environments. Although smooth and silky to the touch, the Satin version has a matte appearance to meet today’s demand. Without visual roughness, the natural R10B finish is nevertheless material on contact. Finally, the structured R10B version, on the contrary, plays with the light to enhance irregularities and reliefs. It creates a depth effect and is ideal for wall applications.

Quantum physics

Available in three formats (120×120, 120×60 and 60x60cm for 1 cm thick), the series is produced using the full technique. This assembly by compression guarantees a total homogeneity of the mass and a perfect continuity of the surfaces. Compressed without a predetermined pattern, mineral raw materials and natural pigments blend harmoniously. It all forms irregular shards, which make each panel a completely unique piece. The result of a chance that has nothing to do with chance, the texture of the Pulsar plates constitutes an innovative and particularly resistant material. They are able to maintain their original thickness even when worn or damaged, and they are practically indestructible. The rich technology allows for real flexibility of use for projects that e.g. uses shaped edges or visible thicknesses.

The graphite effect of the Pulsar collection

The graphite effect of the Pulsar collection

From the earth to the moon

Beneath the alien allure, the Pulsar collection by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces keeps its feet firmly on the ground. On the one hand because its chemically inert plates can be recycled at the end of their life. And on the other hand, because they make it possible to obtain points for LEED certification. But that’s not all, the series is also available in an Active-Surface® version. This additional finish utilizes the photocatalytic properties of a mixture of titanium dioxide and silver to transform ceramic panels into environmentally active materials. Therefore, it is enough to expose them to light (natural or artificial) to effectively fight pollution, dirt, but also viruses, bacteria and even bad smells. Powers so extraordinary that they enhance the supernatural aura of the concocted array. With Pulsar, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces offers us the moon and fills our eyes with stars.

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