The departmental council wants to preserve and strengthen the sensitive natural area Etang du Puits in Argent-sur-Sauldre

The well pond is a gem, we are lucky to have it. He is also an old man who needs to be looked after. »

Jean-François Carcagno, president of the Syndicat mixte of the pond in the well and the Sauldre canal, site manager, summarized the situation of this site shared between Argent-sur-Sauldre and Cerdon (Loiret), classified as a sensitive natural area since 2019, like twenty-three others places in Cher.

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The care that must be given to the well pond includes in particular all the elements related to the conservation and improvement of biodiversity. This is the big deal in the branch contract for Det Følsomme Naturrum, which was signed on Wednesday between the branch council, the Syndicat mixte de l’étang du well and the natural environment association Sologne. This 10-year contract formalizes the obligations of each of the parties.

Establishment of an educational path

Jean-François Carcagno mentioned the various projects to be carried out to preserve this biodiversity. The site includes 117 species of heritage fauna and 162 species of flora, including seven heritage species: “A great deal of work will be carried out with the conservation of reed forest, species that nest. But it will also be necessary to look at an important construction site, the arrow, which invades the dykes. The more it colonizes, the fewer reed forests we have and the fewer species we have. It is a project that we must have from the start. This signing of the contract sets in stone the beginning of a larger construction site at the well dam and major actions. »

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Anne Cassier, second vice-president of the ward council, cantonal councilor and first deputy mayor of Argent-sur-Sauldre, reaffirmed her attachment and commitment to this site: “It is a daily struggle to find funds to continue the adventure. Several things have already been done , and we are taking another step today by trying to attract even more off-season tourists with our sensitive natural area. »Signing of the contract on sensitive nature area

The improvement of the pond of the well goes through the establishment, in particular, of an educational path planned from November: “This path will allow the public to understand the richness of this place, emphasizes Didier Brugère, vice-president of the Council’s Cher branch office in charge of water- and environmental policy. The sensitive nature area exists to protect fauna and flora, but also to promote and share knowledge.. It is the beginning of an adventure, there is a lot to do with the installation of furniture, signage and marking around the pond so that people can do it comfortably. And the county council will support this. »

Guillaume Faucheron

Sensitive Natural Spaces (ENS) are defined as “remarkable natural areas, recognized for their ecological and/or landscape characteristics, which must be preserved and promoted to the public. As part of its environmental policy, the Departmental Council of Cher “wills to preserve the biodiversity of its territory” and has built an ENS policy through a departmental scheme and labeling of sites to protect wildlife and wildlife. 24 Cher areas have been classified as sensitive natural areas since 2019.

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