6 benefits of tinting your car windows

Installing tinted windows on a car has many benefits for the passengers and the owner. This ensures the safety of the residents and also saves money.

Authorized but regulated in France, window tinting is a practice increasingly used by car owners. It offers many advantages, both for the driver and for the vehicle itself. Contrary to what most car users think, they do not only protect against UV during the day.

Tinted windows to keep your car cool in the summer

Although it is an ideal time to go on vacation, summer is a season when the temperature can quickly become unbearable. During these heat waves, the interior of your vehicle can get hotter and hotter than a sauna. This is noticeable in most vehicles that retain their original glass. It is then impossible to stay in the passenger cabin of the latter without providing protection on the windows or without turning on the air conditioner. In both cases, the disadvantages are quite significant.

Installing tinted windows is then a very advantageous solution, because thanks to their opacity, the interior of the vehicle will be protected. The sun’s rays cannot penetrate directly in the cabin. The temperature inside your car will then be reduced by several degrees. This will allow you to save on fuel consumption due to the use of air conditioning.

To take advantage of these benefits, treat yourself to tinted windows by contacting an automotive specialist who knows the applicable regulations. It is also an ecological approach. You can then park your vehicle in the sun without fearing the effects of the heat wave. The interior will always be cool because the protective film will reject most of the sun’s rays.

However, it should be noted that in order to have your windows tinted, you must comply with the regulations in force since January 2017. This stipulates that the opacity of your window after the operation must not exceed 30%. You should then have a minimum transparency of 70%, for better visibility. This same law prohibits changing the tint of the car’s windshield. Make sure you follow these rules so you don’t expose yourself to the rigors of the law.

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Reduce the risk of glare and make it easier to see while driving

When driving in broad daylight or at night, certain factors can reduce your visibility behind the wheel. These are mainly the headlights of other vehicles in the evening and the sun’s rays during the day. This can prevent you from driving safely or accelerating on certain roads. On the other hand, with tinted windows, you will not face this type of problem drive your car. The amount of light reaching your eyes through your windows is extremely reduced.

With tinted windows, around 90% of the light from headlights and the sun’s rays are actually blocked by the protective film on them. You can then have a good view and keep your focus on the road. This will increase the safety of people inside the vehicle and other road users. Likewise, if you use a digital board in the car or a GPS, you will be able to see better on your screen. It wouldn’t be easy if you had untinted windows.

Improve your vehicle’s safety with tinted windows

One of the problems that car owners usually face is burglary. This usually happens when vehicles are parked unattended in a parking lot. The thieves therefore content themselves with breaking open the window to find a valuable object that they would have identified. This then constitutes a double loss for the owner, who has to pay for new windows, but also for the lost item. With tinted windows on your car, the chances of burglary are greatly reduced for several reasons.

In fact, thieves’ modus operandi generally follows a very specific plan. It starts by detecting the object to be stolen inside the vehicle and then monitoring the surroundings. Then the burglar will quickly break the window to gain access to the car’s contents and escape. All this must be done in a very limited time, because if he dwells on it, he risks being caught.

Due to these limitations, a criminal will quickly be deterred by the presence of the tinted window on your vehicle. The fact is that the first stage of his plan, which is the identification of the object to be stolen, will be impossible for him due to the opacity of the glass. He won’t be able to see inside the car. He doesn’t want to know if it’s occupied or not, or if it contains an interesting item.

On the other hand, even if, despite the opacity of the glass, the burglar still decides to take action, he will not be able to get very far. In addition to providing opacity to the glass, the tinted film reinforces the solidity of the. Thus, when the thief begins the second part of his plan, which consists in breaking the glass, he will be slowed down. There is actually an adhesive layer on the latter which prevents it from flying apart after an impact. In this case, the thief has to make several blows before he has some room to stick his hand, which will slow him down a lot.

In addition, the sounds can alert the neighborhood and trigger the burglar alarm. All this will only deter the burglar, who will have to interrupt his action at the risk of being caught.

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Tinting your windows can improve the look of your car

Although the use of a car is no longer a matter of luxury, but rather of necessity, the aesthetic also matters. So whether you’re using an old car or a newer model, a few subtle touches can help make it stand out. Installing tinted windows on your vehicle will then give it a more aesthetic and unique look, regardless of model.

On a new, late model car, tinted windows will provide more class and style. They also provide a sense of luxury that many users are looking for. On the other hand, if you have an old car, installing tinted windows will give it a face lift. Apart from bringing aesthetics to the car, the tinted windows also help to preserve the interior beauty.

In fact, when the sun’s rays continuously pass through the windows of a car, they act on the components inside. The ones that are generally the victims are the seats, often discolored under the influence of UV. This greatly diminishes the car’s aesthetic appearance over time. But by installing a tinted film on your windows, you will benefitgood protection against the sun’s rays, which can discolour your car seats. In fact, this protective film has the ability to reduce up to 99% of the UV rays that can affect the car’s interior coating.

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with tinted windows

The sun’s rays are beneficial for all living organisms, but prolonged exposure to strong rays can have harmful consequences. When traveling by car, the driver and passengers can be exposed to high amounts of UV rays. They are therefore likely to have problems such as:

  • skin cancer,
  • skin burns,
  • acceleration of skin aging,

It should also be noted these UVA and UVB rays are quite harmful to babies and children. By installing tinted film on the windows of your car, you protect all passengers in the cabin from all these problems. As this type of glass prevents the passage of almost all UV rays, you will therefore be protected from them inside the vehicle.

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Better privacy without prying eyes

One of the most embarrassing situations most drivers encounter is the curious, insistent gaze of another driver. This usually happens at stoplights and can make many people uncomfortable. The installation of tinted windows will now prevent you from being confronted with this kind of discomfort. Thanks to the opacity of your window, road users will no longer be able to have a clear view of the interior of your car. However, try to respect the rules on the front windows regarding the opacity level.

Likewise, if you have a valuable item in the back seat, malicious people won’t be able to see it. They will therefore not suspect its presence and will not try to monopolize it.

However, it should be noted that the tint of your windows, regardless of the level, does not prevent you from seeing outside. You thus enjoy protection from prying eyes while maintaining the privilege of seeing everything that happens outside. In addition, the installation of tinted film also protects you in the event of an accident. It prevents shards of glass from breaking and causing damage when the panes break on impact.

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