Meta Business Suite: the complete guide

Meta wants to consolidate all creation tools on a single platform, which is why the company is updating its Meta Business Suite to integrate Creator Studio tools. Effect: Meta automatically starts switching users from Creator Studio to Meta Business Suite. Rest assured, this change is not irreversible, as Meta indicates that it is possible to return to Creator Studio at any time if you do not like the new experience.

Find out below how to leverage the Meta Business Suite to optimize the management of your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts.

What is Meta Business Suite?

Meta Business Suite is Meta’s free tool that allows businesses to manage all their associated accounts: Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Professionals can manage all their publications (organic or paid), interact with their audience and implement concrete actions to optimize the customer experience. Go to the dedicated page to use it.

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More specifically, with Meta Business Suite you can:

  • Get a global overview of the activities on your accounts,
  • Publish to your associated accounts on Facebook and Instagram,
  • Schedule posts or stories at times when your audience is active,
  • Manage your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram messages and comments,
  • Create automatic replies to reply to private messages,
  • Follow the statistics of your publications and your audience,
  • Create targeted ads,
  • Use different tools: On the computer you can use Ads Manager, Sales Manager and access professional settings.

Access the Meta Business Suite toolbar

To easily access the desired functionality on Meta Business Suite, hover your mouse over the left pane, which expands to reveal the options. You will find the section All tools.

You have access to all functions classified by category:

  • Creation: release, history, launch of a live…
  • Audience: agenda, content, company feed, messages…
  • Management: Page settings, billing…
  • Advertising: forms, ads and event manager…
  • Analysis and report: statistics, advertising reports…
  • Sale of products and services: orders, monetization, deals…
This is the section that centralizes all the Meta Business Suite tools. © CaptureBDM

Schedule posts and stories at optimal times

At Meta Business Suite, you can schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts at times when your audience is most likely to interact:

  • click on Contents in the pane on the left of the screen,
  • At the very top right, click Create a post,
  • Select your account and then create your publication,
  • At the bottom of the editor, click Schedule,
  • You can select the date and time or click on Optimal hours choosing the perfect time to reach your audience. Meta automatically suggests time slots when your followers are most active.
meta business suite guide
At the bottom of the screen is an “Optimal Times” option to schedule a post at the right time. © CaptureBDM

Create A/B tests to test 2 variations of a post

In the tab Contentsyou find the opportunity A/B testing. You can create up to 4 versions by changing text, images or links. Each version of the posts is shown to a group of followers for 30 minutes. Then Meta automatically selects the version with the most reactions.

You can choose to test the following formats: video, image, link, text. © CaptureBDM

Get a quick overview of your latest posts

In the tab Contentsyou find an interesting opportunity: wire and grid (just below A/B testing). It allows you to scroll through your latest publications and get a quick overview of statistics: people reached, interactions and delivery scores.

Scroll through all your recent posts in seconds. © CaptureBDM

Effectively manage your Facebook and Instagram messengers

You can manage all private messages and comments from your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts on Meta Business Suite.

Go to the left pane of the screen in the tab Messages.

1. Assign a message to another business partner

You have the option of assigning a message to another colleague, such as will be better placed to respond to a subscriber’s query. Under the name of the sender of the message you will find the option Assign a conversation.

2. Add tags to messages to categorize them

To the right of the message interface, when consulting a message from a subscriber, you can add a label (new client, important, etc.) to classify the different messages received and thus more easily find them at any time in sections Labels (at the top of the pane with your messages).

3. Set up automatic replies

In the tab Messagesclick on Automatic responses at the top right of the screen, then Create an automation. You can choose from suggested post templates and customize them. This option allows you to create messages that are automatically sent when a customer requests you on Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

The templates offered to create your autoresponders. © CaptureBDM

Follow the statistics of your publications and your audience

You will find many interesting insights to understand what types of content perform best with your audience on Facebook and Instagram. You can also monitor competing Facebook pages.

Go to the left pane of the screen in the tab Statistics.

Here are examples of key insights you can find on Meta Business Suite:

  • Audience: age, gender, location by city and country.
  • Benchmarking: tracking competing companies on Facebook.
  • Presentations: posts with the highest number of reactions or comments, posts with the most visibility, etc.
  • Contents : comprehensive statistics of all publications. You have the option to filter posts by type: Ads, posts or stories.
  • Video: performance and audience for your video content.

In addition, Meta also offers to define goals: to develop your reach or increase your number of followers. Depending on your goal, an action plan is suggested for you.

You can set goals to increase your performance. © CaptureBDM

Create ads on Facebook

Do you want to increase the visibility of a publication? You can boost it on Meta Business Suite by creating a paid ad.

Go to the left pane of the screen in the tab Advertising. You must first define a goal, then select the publication you want to boost, and finally set your criteria (target group, budget, etc.).

Good to know: You can create A/B tests by creating two versions of posts to see which performs better with your audience.

meta business suite ads
The different objectives offered for your Facebook ads. © CaptureBDM

Switch from Meta Business Suite to Creator Studio

Not convinced by Meta Business Suite? Do you want to go back to Creator Studio? The meta doesn’t highlight this possibility at all, but it is possible. On the desktop version, simply click on Give your opinion bottom left and click Switch to Creator Studio.

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