Lot-et-Garonne: a colorful launch of the season for the Espace d’Albret, in Nérac

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Espace d’Albret has just unveiled its cultural programme, with several highlights in view.

It is in a more than warm atmosphere that the presentation of the new cultural season was launched a few days ago.

For this large occasion, the Espace d’Albret hall has been given the appearance of a guinguette with a neat and vintage decoration. Around several tables topped with “red and white” tiles, groups of a dozen people were invited to listen to a member of the Espace d’Albret team over a country aperitif. Around Romain Clément, new artistic director of the Espace d’Albret, who arrived in November 2021, the public found the team consisting of Céline Bouzigon, Séverine Poloni, Stéphane Cosculluela, Éric Germain, as well as Marc Gelly, head of culture in the municipality, and Charles Fortin, director of the media library. Everyone presented to each group shows from the 2022-2023 cultural season as well as their favorites.

Aymeric Lompret will be present

Always in diversity, the new program oscillates between theatre, concert, circus, puppets, dance, humor… The first show of the season takes place within the framework of the cartoon festival “Les Rencontres Chaland”. On Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October, writer-composer-performer Albin de la Simone will present a drawn concert.

The performative pianist, who has worked with Alain Souchon, Arthur H and even Pomme, will share the stage with poster illustrator Thomas Bass. The latter will paint the ghostly silhouettes full of tenderness that populate the singer’s universe. This new season will welcome artists from all walks of life. The director of the Espace d’Albret, Romain Clément, presented his favourites, including the preview show “Searching for John”, by the company La Frontera, a circus piece with a rather atypical boy. In another register, the rock group Les Hurlements d’Léo will set down their suitcases in Nérac on Friday, November 18, as part of a celebratory tour for the group’s 25 years of travels and stages in more than thirty countries. Humor will also be present at the Espace d’Albret on Friday, March 17, 2023, with in particular the arrival of the famous France Inter columnist, Aymeric Lompret, who will cast his keen eye on the cruelty of the world. Humor will also be discussed with the comedians from the Garden-Party scheduled for Tuesday 15 November. “Inhabit the world poetically”, such is the project of this cultural season, which gives honor to storytelling with Yannick Jaulin for a spoken concert and his love of words in the duet with the Béarn musician Alain Larribet (Thursday 19 January).

“Education at the heart of our seasons”

Circus is also very present in this program with the Très-d’Union company and the “Ziguilé” show, or the Senegalese company Sencirk, with the “Ancrage” show, not to mention the dance with a dagboom-boom launched by the Yma company in collaboration with the association café La Boîte à idées. “Artistic and cultural education is at the heart of our seasons in the form of projects invented with artists, teachers, associations and public authorities”, states the director of Espace d’Albret.

Many projects will be established with Albret’s establishments, from kindergarten to high school. Furthermore, as part of its mission to support artistic creation, Espace d’Albret welcomes businesses to the residence throughout the year.

Appointments outside Nérac will be offered with “On s’échappe à Circa” in Auch, as well as in Florida in Agen for a reggae concert with Groundation.

The complete program for the cultural season can be found at www.espacedalbret.fr

Information and reservations: 05 53 97 40 50.

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