Ford unveils the 7th generation Mustang

Ford has just unveiled the all-new generation Ford Mustang from Detroit (USA), transforming the world’s best-selling sports coupe with a completely redesigned digital cockpit, a new V8 engine and even more assertive styling. to drive the Mustang ever.

The Mustang legend goes far beyond the more than 10 million cars sold during its 58 years of production. She has made thousands of appearances in film, television, music and video games. It is also the most popular vehicle in the world on Facebook.

The world loves the Mustang because, since the launch of the latest generation in 2014, the Mustang has become the world’s best-selling sports coupe every year.

The new Coupe and Cabriolet take Mustang’s athletic lines to new heights with the fourth generation of its legendary 5-liter V8 delivering even better response and performance.

The all-new Mustang GT gets a new intake system with a dual air intake and dual throttle design to promote higher flow rates.

Six interactive and customizable driving modes optimize performance in a wide range of driving conditions: Normal, Sport, Slipery, Dragster, Track and a customizable setting with multiple profiles available, tailored to individual driver preferences.

The feeling of the road is optimized thanks to more direct steering and a better feeling of the connection to the ground and the grip of the tires.

Always standard on the GT version, the automatic heel/toe allows the maximum available torque to be maintained without loss of load between manual gear changes to make the Mustang even more efficient on the circuit.

It can optionally receive a 10-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. A standard Performance Pack includes 19” alloy wheels, a mechanical slip differential for optimal traction, 19” Brembo brakes and an active flap exhaust that optimizes engine sound according to driving conditions. The available MagneRide® active suspension monitors conditions a thousand times a second and uses electronically controlled fluid to match damping resistance to road conditions.

Beneath the iconic exterior silhouette of the 7th generation Ford Mustang lies the most technologically advanced cockpit of any Mustang to date, combining the best of the past, present and future.

The most notable development is the disappearance of the double-edged dashboard, which makes way for a large, floating and airy center console.

Behind the new flat steering wheel, a 12.4-inch digital screen displays the different screens that can be customized depending on the driving modes.

Grouped under the same transparent physical support, the digital instrument panel blends perfectly with the 13.2-inch SYNC 4 center console angled towards the driver. The ergonomic placement of these displays provides clear visual information and easily accessible controls, which together create a 100% immersive digital experience.

The fully customizable interior atmosphere starts with copper and dark colors, in a theme already used for the Mustang Mach-E and fully configurable by the user. Digital displays and ambient interior lighting can be configured in driver-selected tones, while instrument gauges adapt to the selected driving mode. When you select custom drive mode settings, a visualization of the car’s configuration is displayed on the center console using Unreal Engine 3D software, a computer game engine that produces real-time renderings. By interacting with the touchscreen, vehicle parameters can be adjusted by dragging the graphics to virtually rotate the car.

The new Mustang offers a leather steering wheel and seats, as well as soft plastics on all tactile areas of the cabin.

High-end models benefit from a wide selection of color stitching on the steering wheel and a unique perforation pattern on the center console, complemented by a coordinating asymmetric color stripe on the seat belts.

The central console also incorporates an induction charger in a space freed up by the new floating console that gets more functions on the touch screen.

Fully compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Ford’s Sync 4 system integrates seamlessly with the FordPass app like the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV and offers Ford Power-Up wireless update functionality.

USB ports installed above the cockpit are conveniently located for accessories such as cameras, enabling simple and secure connection.

The B&O sound system offers exceptional sound immersion with its 12 speakers and a subwoofer that integrates engine sound reinforcement directly into the cabin.

The 7th generation combines the historic styling elements of the famous pony car with a confident modernity to seduce everyone.

The grille is split into three iconic sections that are matched by the new LED headlights to create a meaner front, influenced by the original 1960s styling. The shortened rear is also true to the authentic proportions of the first generation. The wider rear sections confirm its power in the purest Mustang style.

At the rear, the spoiler is longer and houses new lighting with three beams that can be recognized at first glance. The newly designed diffuser also ensures a better aerodynamic balance.

For the first time, each model in the all-new Mustang range asserts its own personality with a specific front end, so you can choose the look that suits your own personality. The GT, for example, has larger grille openings designed to increase aerodynamic flow and thus power and performance. Aerodynamics have also been optimized with the addition of new air intakes on the bonnet.

Cabriolet is also true to its freedom heritage. With just one finger, you can open or close the fully lined and insulated fabric hood, whose compact design guarantees a large load space in the boot, capable of accommodating two golf bags.

Under the hood, the engine aesthetics are also worked with a largely hidden engine cover, badging and hoses. Animated welcome lighting and signature Mustang welcome screens also greet the customer as they approach the vehicle.

The all-new Mustang offers a wide range of colors, including three new shades: Blue Ember, Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash. Customers can also choose from the options Brembo brake caliper colors in black or red, all with the Mustang logo, as well as alloy wheels from two new 19” models.

The 7th generation coupe and convertible come with next-generation Ford driver assistance features, such as the Mustang Mach-E SUV. In particular, they have speed panel recognition, intelligent adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, lane centering assistance, evasive maneuvers and even brake assistance. Another key feature is the Active Pothole System, which continuously monitors suspension, steering and braking and adjusts suspension response accordingly. The FordPass feature – which offers 24-hour assistance in case of theft – is also new to the Mustang.

Owners can stay connected to their Mustang through the FordPass app using features such as remote vehicle start and stop, door locking and unlocking, scheduling start times, vehicle and vehicle health checks. The FordPass app makes important vehicle information immediately available to users, including fuel and oil levels, service history and warranty information.

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