Boissise-le-Roi. Residents are protesting a property project planned on a green space

The future of the vineyard area, a park in the heart of the town of Boissise-le-Roi, is at the heart of our concerns. © DR

Since August, a collective of inhabitants by the municipality Boissise-le-Roi (Seine et Marne) is headwind against one real estate project. This one, planned on part of vineyard areathe locals worry a lot about their ability to enjoy the place and offclimate emergency.

More concerns and a petition

“It is very worrying, confide three local residents of Boissise-le-Roi. The place of the vines is valuable, there are games for children, a fitness path, facilities for doing sports. It is the central lung of the town and it is now threatened by a housing project. »

This place, the space of the vines, is a green area of ​​almost one hectare located in the heart of the city and located near a school, gymnasium, nursing home and nursery. “The former municipality renovated it and turned it into a true place for generational change. But the mayor, who prides himself on being aware of green spaces, finally decided to concretize it by almost half,” say these residents.

In a flurry of protests, residents launched an online petition to collect signatures from other disgruntled locals:

We are at almost 900 signatures, which is really not bad for a population of 3,000.

Several residents against the property project

What they regret most is not having enough exchanges with Véronique Chagnat, the mayor of Boissise-le-Roi, and “that the inhabitants are not sufficiently integrated into this project”. What they regret is also a lack of commitment on the part of the municipality to go against the project: “As we do not yet have a local urban plan (PLU), we are limited by the Act on Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU), which is national. The mayor however, immediately hides behind the risk fines and does not fight to preserve this green area. »

The mayor’s response

The contact, Véronique Chagnat elaborates on the lines of this real estate project: “The municipality is actually subject to amendment 56 of the SRU law. We therefore had to make 86 homes. Only 42 have been made, and we need 44 for launch in December 2021, which is happening very quickly,” she says.

However, his position turns out to be between a rock and a hard place. “On the one hand I have the prefecture, which asks me to respect the obligations, on the other hand I have the residents who do not want construction. Some revolutionaries have gone to war, while I try to do my best to keep control of my land,” says the city council member.

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Véronique Chagat explains a little later that the municipality is already subject to “40,000 euros in fines” and that resistance for too long could lead to “multiplying this penalty by five”, while also losing control of the land, which would give the alternative authorities opportunity to do what they want without the control of the city hall.

To find a solution, it therefore mobilized “hollow teeth”, land surrounded by built-up plots, which are in reserve. “The aim is not to take half of the stock, but a strip of 30% on it and build homes in parallel with already built homes”, she explains. Regarding the fears about the facilities, the mayor will be reassuring: “We will not touch any facilities, except for the sports equipment that we put back inside the park. »

The valley, which helps prevent flooding, will also be preserved.

Véronique Chagat, Mayor of Boissise-le-Roi

On the other hand, regarding the blame for the lack of consultation, the mayor does not understand: “I got many families to answer their questions. But we are only in preliminary work, there is nothing to show or explain… We have very precise specifications and we will arrange meetings in January for each district to present the project”, she adds. .

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