A cosmopolitan space of culture, taste and entertainment was born in Capanema

Those who live in or pass through the Caetés region now have a special reason to come to Estação56, where cinematic references to the surroundings are stamped in black and white photos, creating a dark mood in the place.

A primitive architecture accompanies the entire environment of the house

Everywhere you look you can see the priority with which the place was built and formed, which took 3 years from concept to design.
All these details were born from the mind of the contractor Celso Ricardo Schmidt, who designed the entire building and the details of the environment. Celso literally crossed the country from Porto Alegre and found his refuge in Capanema, where he believes he has found the perfect place to work and invest.

Professor André de Aviz, entrepreneur Celso Ricardo Schmidt
and marketing director of the Redepara portal Gilvan Capistrano

In Capanema, Celso found a culture that was very different from his own, and it bothered him a little at first, he jokes. But today he has found welcome among the people of Pará and tells honestly that he has found brothers and trusted friends. It has been a life lesson since he came here, he says. His passion for film and music has led him to film records, to great actors, behind the scenes of film production, as well as to the bands and musicians that are part of this differentiated and attractive scenario.

Spinning is another fun way to enjoy the home

Thanks to the great European pubs, the place offers a classic game of pool and darts, typical of Irish and London pubs.

The Redima band plays rock classics and big hits
make a season at home

quality music

Songs from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Sting, Rolling Stones, The Doors as well as our rich MPB are performed by extraordinary musicians who perform in the house. In addition, the region of Caetés is home to great musicians, which makes the atmosphere even more refined and welcoming.

National and imported wines are served on site

Wine menu

For wine lovers, the region offers national and foreign wines with excellent vintages from Chile and Argentina.
To harmonize these wines, the house presents an incredible menu of snacks, charcuterie, plates and steaks. All with impeccable taste.

cultural literary movement

The house has a classy collection of books that attracts and attracts true lovers of literature. Therefore, the house, in collaboration with the Capanean Academy of Lettering, has created “Cultural Wednesdays”, where literary colloquia and good music are now on the agenda, encouraging local artists to come together for the benefit of poetry, literature and art.

The living room is another fun place to hang out with friends.

Pleasant, harmonious and integrated environment

From the entrance, through the garden and the living room, we have a wealth of opportunities for internal photographic recordings, which also allow many people to come and enjoy themselves, make a record, like Patricia Neres, who is a hairdresser and took several photos with friends in the pool room , and admitted that she liked the place to us and the pictures in the pool were more charming and Instagram.
Now anyone who wants to know this space of culture and entertainment can simply go down to Estação56 where you can find Ridley Scot, Coppola, Al Pacino, Michael Douglas, Marilyn Monroe and listen to Pink Floyd, Queen, The Doors all. in the same environment.


Rua Holanda Rios, 566
Capanema – Pennsylvania

From Wednesday to Sunday.

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