MIDI VILLAGES Vergèze-Codognan station now houses a coworking space

The mayor of Vergèze Pascale Fortunat-Deschamps inaugurated the coworking space (Photo Yannick Pons)

A coworking space, which opened its doors on July 18 at the Vergèze-Codognan station, has just been inaugurated. The two founders of the project, Éric Crouzet and Bénédicte Deleplanque, benefited from the “Place De La Gare” program run by SNCF Gares & Connexions.

Passage points par excellence, stations can also become destinations in themselves. This is what Cowork’n You offers at Vergèze-Codognan station to residents and users. Closed for ten years, the former station master’s residence has been renovated. The 126 square meters of the two houses are made available to project managers. The population but also the users, as more than 200,000 people pass through this station every year.

The small Vergèze-Codognan station is gradually coming back to life thanks to this new square, as confirmed by Philippe Gras, president of the Rhôny-Vistre-Vidourle community of communes: “The Vergèze-Codognan station is a strong element of the attractiveness of our region. We will manage to combine multimodality and multifunctionality in this place today, adding new functions to the station and creating interchanges. » The mayor of Vergèze, Pascale Fortunat-Deschamps, is enthusiastic: “It corresponds perfectly to our desire to make the city attractive: coziness and the energy challenges of shared transport. Vergèze station is increasingly busy. »

Cowork’n You, a multi-activity third place

Cowork’n You is the story of the meeting between Éric Crouzet, who had the idea of ​​creating a coworking space, and Bénédicte Deleplanque, who is currently employed in a company and who is preparing her retraining. She brought her communication and organizational skills to the project. He is a specialist in neuroscience and wellness science and its organization. Both manage this third place, but also establish their own business there. They fell in love with this beautiful place. Eighteen months of gestation and the project came to life. “I was in coworking at Saint-Just, here it is ideal for me”, launches Delphine, a Vergezoise. Two privatized offices which can be rented for periods from one hour to one month. A meeting room that can accommodate eight people, equipped with a video projector, a common space for coziness, including a kitchen and common “open space” work areas.

Co-Working inauguration in Vergèze, friendly and colorful space (Photo Yannick Pons)

All in a colorful and nice atmosphere. “This place allows everyone to benefit from workplace, help and support”launches Éric Crouzet, who promises training, workshops with the theme of personal well-being and a cozy breakfast every Thursday morning.

From the “Place de la gare” program

They benefited from the “Place de la gare” program by responding to a call for projects on the Internet. “Not only is this place atypical and friendly, but also the rent is moderate, we would have tripled this rent anywhere else”, Bénédicte Deleplanque launches. The two co-founders have put €8,000 to work to complete their dream, but with a rent of just €5,000 a year, the odds are on their side.

Co-Working inauguration at Vergèze station (Photo Yannick Pons)

Gares & Connexions is a unit of the SNCF group which chose Bénédicte and Éric’s project because of its viability and also its service side which will benefit travelers in transit who will be able to use the site for an hour or two. Its purpose is to improve the heritage, revitalize the old places, animate the territory, “makes you want to station. The trains go through the stations, and if the stations don’t make you want to, the train doesn’t either”, says Agnès Moutet-Lamy, director of SNCF Gares & Connexions in Occitanie. ” We are open to all projects. What is important is to bring our stations back to life. We carry out the work of the owners, and the project manager is responsible for the decoration of the place.” she adds. It is a national program which aims to place the station again in the middle of the villages.

Other projects follow in Gard

In the Gard, the Vergèze-Codognan station is the first to benefit from the program Stations and connections. Other openings are planned. In Alès, it is the old station buffet with its 112 m2 which can be rented. The stations of Vauvert, Pont-Saint-Esprit, Bagnols-sur-Cèze and Remoulins will also be affected very soon. For your records!

Yannick Pons

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