How to effectively manage an agency’s business and development?

Build one agency requires a lot of time, patience and questions. Mastering your business and its development requires just as much. It is therefore essential to take stock regularly and redefine the various levers that promote its proper development. Are your teams effective? Do you focus on your strengths instead of dwelling on your weaknesses? Are you taking enough risks? Are you leaving the time necessary for your agency to grow? To help you see things more clearly, Team leader now offers you part 2 of the first season of its concept Agency life ». 6 videos as well as an e-book reproduce the exchange of 4 professionals from the sector on the subject. We find again Nathael Duboc, managing director of the Gyro agency, Jan Belleti, co-founder of the Sistine agency, Côme Jacobée, co-founder of the belazar agency and Béatrice Pierrard, managing director of the Chic agency. And it is once again the analyst Grégory Pouy who leads the discussions. In this second part, they tackle together the question of how to develop an agency, how to manage your business or even how to control the real costs generated by tendering. They provide you with the necessary ingredients for proper management of the business and development of an agency!

The team: the first pillar of the agency

Diversify talents for a complementary team

Alone we go faster, together we go further “. The most important thing in an agency is to be well surrounded. And to that you have to add a good portion diversification in profiles. By investing in employees who each have their strengths, you also avoid having to call on external elements in the event of the unexpected. The more the profiles are diverse and varied, the more your team’s area of ​​expertise is complete and open to news. It can thus demonstrate efficiency and innovation at all times. ONE complementary team is the key to lifting your projects in the best possible way. It is for this reason that you should not hesitate to recruit to build a rich and resourceful team. The best investment is people!

Development of the team through projects

It’s good to have a good team! But for everything to go even better and last over time, it’s good to upgrade it regularly, especially through training. In this way, your employees will feel more involved in the projects and committed. This then allows you to promote your team and make it much more versatile. The more important she feels, the more she will do, the more your agency will benefit. And this is one of the keys to success! Note that it is better for your employees to develop within your structure rather than elsewhere.

Beyond this notion of progress through training, there is another valuable way to develop your teams. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you go after things you would never have done before. Earnings ? Your team and yourself will grow out of it! By trying to do projects where you don’t have all the tools in hand, you will develop and give your team confidence, which will then feel able to overcome the challenges. In the same way as for the training, you will come out of it with more skills. Be careful, this doesn’t mean you have to train your teams on anything and everything. Most of the time this arises from a need of a client and it then becomes a skill.

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The purpose of an agency: to develop its activity and its business

Take time to build and reinvent yourself

Setting up an agency, building a team and developing the business in this structure takes a lot of time. And you have to be aware of it so as not to skip the stages. ” Rome wasn’t built in a day », and it is the same for a company. That patience is a virtue that will bring you the rewards you deserve, no matter how long it takes. At the same time, you have to think about keeping high standards and constantly reinventing yourself. This way, your customers have no reason to look elsewhere. Regular quality work is essential to maintain the development of your agency.

Build on agency and employee strengths

We always tend to want to work on our weak points. It is a good thing! But it prevents you from continuing to work on yours strong sides. And that’s a shame, because it’s your strengths that are the key to success. Take advantage of it! It allows you to be yourself. If you understand and love what you do, clients will sense it and prefer to work with you.

Supply: a real challenge for agencies

Ability to take risks while setting achievable goals

The offer may lead to the acquisition of new customers. It is therefore not a concept to be taken lightly. However, it is important not to skip the steps again. It is necessary to clarify that risk taking and management varies from one agency to another. Not all of them have the same size, the same obligations and the same operating methods. It is therefore crucial that adapt at your agency. This is the case with regard to the assessment of the ratio of loss to profit.

Weigh the pros and cons between the concessions you’re willing to make and what you really want to get out of it. However, be careful not to get overwhelmed by events and ensure that this balance between loss and profit is controlled. Because we must not forget that the times and teams available to you are variable. Time passes, employees are not machines. It is best not to overexert them.

Align with agency values

To attract more customers, it is also relevant to be yourself! The teams and the agency must convey the same message. They should let your true values ​​shine through. A customer asks you about something unrelated to these? Refuse! Only accept what is likely to make you grow. Again, take your time. The image of your agency will only be saved.

If you want more tips to better understand business management and the development of your agency, Teamleader helps you take stock of these concepts with its new e-book and its series ” Agency life », specially composed for this purpose.

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