14 space-saving pieces of furniture to optimize the space


The IKEA bed: your best ally for saving space in the bedroom

The bed is generally considered to be the focal point of the bedroom. Not only does it play a big role in ensuring you have a good night’s sleep, but it also sets the tone when it comes to decorating. At IKEA, it comes in warm and extremely smart versions that save you a lot of space.

Mezzanine Vitval

The best way to save space in the bedroom is to free up floor space. With IKEA’s VITVAL loft bed, the bed increases in height. With a shelf that can serve as a dressing table or desk, the structure also allows you to install a bench.

The good idea: Choose a combined stool and storage.

Combine Hemnes

The combined seat and storage? A classic. At IKEA, the concept is pushed to the limit with benches with large storage space, which can be transformed into a single or double bed when it suits you. While the brand offers a variety of models, the HEMNES bench remains our favorite with its romantic yet modern feel.

Platsa Bed Frame And Storage

One of the most common bedroom mistakes is to hesitate to structure the room. Still, sometimes it’s the best way to save space. By combining a spring and storage, the Platsa bed from Ikea gives interesting configurations. We especially like it placed on an island in the middle of the room.

Kleppstad Under Bed Storage

You may not plan to change beds right away. To make it a space-saving ally, choose the KLEPPSTAD storage unit. This inexpensive module can simply slide under your bed to store your belongings. You can also use it as a bedside table that can appear or disappear as you wish.

IKEA storage: essential for a more spacious bedroom

Storage is essential in the bedroom. And the IKEA catalog is full of great ideas for organizing the room without cluttering it.

Oak boxes

Used as classic shelves or as a suspended bedside table, EKET boxes are now part of the classics. And they are available in a particularly trendy color palette. If they are usable throughout the house, it is to optimize the wall space in the bedroom that we love them.

Chest of drawers and wardrobe Nordmela

Half chest of drawers, half wardrobe, the IKEA NORDMELA handset benefits from well-thought-out dimensions. If this piece of furniture offers considerable storage space, its depth makes it surprisingly compact.

Mirror And Mini Dressing Buttons

The KNAPPER mirror from IKEA allows you to look at yourself and store your jewelry and accessories, and it can almost function as a mini-dressing room. Its strong point is to allow you to fit everything that is likely to hang around and clutter the room. This full-length mirror is also particularly useful for visually enlarging a small bedroom.

SkÅdis perforated panels

Rather, they are expected above the desk. However, SKÅDIS perforated panels from IKEA can accommodate a number of accessories, so you can make use of the wall surface or the surface of the bedroom door.

Possibly an ultra-versatile rod –

At first glance, the MULIG hanger bar doesn’t look like much. But its design gives it extreme versatility. Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, it allows you to have a functional wardrobe without burdening yourself with a bulky dressing room.

A nice touch

The office area, the dressing table, even the bedside table… Some furniture can seem redundant when space is tight. Specialist in the development of small spaces, IKEA offers solutions for furnishing a functional and comfortable bedroom without having to make difficult choices.

Quiet stool

Changing bedside table or office chair installed in front of the dressing table or desk, the KYRRE stool is much smarter than you might think! It is especially useful in a studio apartment, as it goes from an extra seat in the living room to a bedside table when you unfold the sofa bed.

Stool With Storage Perjohan

The other smart seat from IKEA to install in the bedroom is the PERJOHAN stool with storage. This pine model is designed to be easy to adapt: ​​you can therefore adopt it as is or paint it in the colors of your room.

Hauga desk

Corner dedicated to work or dressing table where you can take care of yourself: the IKEA HAUGA desk is just waiting to bend to your wishes. With its ultra-compact dimensions, it allows you to create a functional and cozy corner in front of a window, while giving you space to move around the room.

VittsjÖ Computer desk

Very compact, the VITTSJÖ table is designed as a desk intended to accommodate a laptop computer. This shallow model is ideal for arranging a dressing table corner in the bedroom, without weighing down the room visually or filling the room. The smart idea is to combine it with the LINDBYN mirror with storage.

Symphonic speaker to redirect in the mini bed

The SYMFONISK speaker is a must have if you like to fall asleep to the sound of soft music or guided meditation. If it can completely find its place on a bedside table, it can also simply replace it. This cabinet is actually attached to the wall vertically, but also horizontally, like a tablet.

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