What is the place of the IT profession in salary portage?

Salary portage offers many benefits to entrepreneurs who want to see their professional project develop while enjoying the same benefits as a corporate employee. Although some professions are incompatible with salary portage, the web professions are adapted to this hybrid way of working. Why are IT subjects popular in payroll transport? What are the advantages of a supported employee specializing in IT subjects? Lighting.

Benefit from salaried status while remaining independent

The IT area, a booming sector

Our everyday lives have never been so characterized by new technologies. Solutions are popping up here and there that make it possible offer services ever closer to the population’s expectations, regardless of whether they are individuals and/or professionals. Also, the digital transformation that has taken place internationally in recent years is pushing companies around the world to reinvent themselves and assert their online presence. This therefore requires improvements, the use of web professionals, to implement these changes effectively. According to a study conducted in 2022 by IDC France – Cegid, 70% of large companies and 53% of SMEs have started their metamorphosis.
Companies are therefore eager to encourage IT professionals to initiate this transition. But very often the internal human resources are not sufficient. It is also too expensive to hire, making the IT consultant the target of choice for recruiters who prefer to publish their job offers on platforms dedicated to salary portage, such as on the cegelem.fr site.

In addition, more and more payroll transport companies are moving towards the IT professions to meet the increasing demand from companies in digital transition. The requirements related to the GDPR in Europe, to the confidentiality of data internationally, but also to the security of computer streams are constant and affect all businesses at a time when Internet users are worried about surfing the Internet at their leisure.

The Covid crisis has also emphasized the importance of using remote work tools, but also the automation of certain tasks, which in the long run allows for saving manpower and time.

IT profession in salary portage

As mentioned above, not all professions are compatible with the wage transport contract. However, professions related to technology and telecoms are numerous and can lead to employee status, e.g.

  • network administrator,
  • computer engineer,
  • MOE project manager,
  • Project manager SEO, SEA,
  • Information system consultant,
  • Front office and/or back office developer,
  • Integrator,
  • Tests, also called prescriptions…

These professions are constantly changing and some are born daily. Freelancers in the IT industries therefore have all the skills required to develop in total autonomy and fulfill the salary transport mission entrusted by the client company.

The salary portage expert is hired to set up and apply the necessary changes. He estimates his time to complete the mission or simply can bill the mission in full instead of at an hourly rate.

The client company therefore expects from this freelancer faultless professionalism, responsiveness in case of technical problems, proper consideration of the ins and outs related to the work task, listening, sense of organization and work.in a team that is inseparable from the IT. profession.

The benefits of IT professions in payroll transport

Web jobs require expertise from employees in salary portage. Embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship while enjoying benefits for regular employees allows workers to be covered:

  • Health insurance ;
  • Unemployment insurance;
  • Pension insurance ;
  • Sick leave, paid leave;
  • Etc.

The administrative management, whether it is from founding the company to invoicing, is handled by the payroll transport company regarding administration fees of around 4 to 15%.

This allows professionals in particular to focus on high value-added tasks without worrying about administration. This is one of the reasons why client companies tend to encourage referrals save time, increase efficiency and ensure that the professional hired for the service can focus entirely on the mission.

Thanks to the considerable expertise of the IT specialists, the revenue generated can be quite significant in contrast to a fixed-term or permanent position in a traditional company. The Average Daily Rate, or TJM, is quite interesting and gives IT professionals a higher salary than in business. The company, in turn, can meet a specific need without worrying about the formalities associated with hiring someone on a fixed-term or fixed-term contract.

IT professions have an important place in the landscape of payroll transport in France. The digital transformation tends to grow within institutions and requires significant human resources.

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