The European Parliament’s health committee will help lead the dossier on health data rooms –

Despite the initial decision to entrust I’European Health Data Area (EHDS) exclusively for the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE), it has been agreed that the Health Committee (ENVI) will co-lead this file which extends the European Data Regulation.

VS’is the final decision of the Committee Chairmen’s Conference (CPC), viz tohe whoseactions with shared competence the joint LIBE and ENVI commissions. We are therefore equal to ESFP»LIBE committee chairman Juan Fernando López Aguilar told EURACTIV.

According to Sir. Aguilar, the decision of the CPC was taken after toENVI was against I’the committee’s first task. From now on, ENVI and LIBE will stand for the file below I’Article 58 of the European Parliament’s rules of procedure.

Following the Commission’s proposal presented in May, it was decided that LIBE would take the case to the European Parliament, despite discussions on shared competence with ENVI. This decision was made subsequently I’examination of the legal basis for this proposal.

L’one of the main powers of the LIBE Committee concerns the areas of transparency and protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. On the other hand, ENVI is the main point of reference in the European Parliament for everything related to public health.

L’The European Health Data Area (EHDS) is the first sector-specific legislation aimed at whoserely on the Data Management Act and the Data Act. He whoseis respectively about horizontal legislation on data management and ofa recently introduced European law on data sharing.

L’EHDS is not about health measurements, it is about health data measurements I’exchange of patient data in a secure environment that supports and promotes drug or treatment research»said Sir. Aguilar.

He whose is about data protection and support for digital services within the usual parameters or safety and liability criteria including I’the use of I’artificial intelligence in health, which is normally the responsibility of the LIBE committee»he added.

Healthcare stakeholders continued to fear that the healthcare community does not’does not have enough say in the case and has initiated an appeal about the shared competence of I’ENVI in July. They asked him for it to ensure a patient-centred approach» and off take into account the views of professionals and the wider health community».

Healthcare partners are satisfied

The decision to leave the matter to the two committees satisfied the stakeholders in the health sector.

We support progress through this case and believe joint jurisdiction is appropriate given the complexity of the case.»said Jamie Wilkinson, director of healthcare biotechnology at EuropaBio, an industrial biotech group.

The topics covered are extremely broad and it is likely that even with ENVI and LIBE at the helm jointly, it will be a challenge given toit is difficult to find experts who can cover all the elements of the file»added mr. Wilkinson. He thinks so the file is likely ofhave a more balanced discussion» headed by two committees.

The patient associations were also satisfied with this decision, because
the two committees will have the skills and I’additional expertise necessary for the case»according to Jelena Malinina, Director of Patient Data at EURORDIS, I’European Organization for Rare Diseases.

LIBE will contribute to the proposal from the point of view of protection of I’the rule of law and fundamental rights, data protection, security and justice, as well as determining I’legal interaction between EHDS and ofother related European laws. ENVI will complete with its expertise in public health»said Mrs Malinina at EURACTIV.

Both parts are important because the EHDS proposal is a transversal file that is not only linked to public health, but also to the internal market for I’EU and beyond I’application of the rights to I’basic human and data protection principles»she added.

The European Patients Forum said in a statement the file will require an understanding of the special circumstances of the health sector».

Eventually, I’goal of I’EHDS must deliver better healthcare services to patients through efficient and ethical sharing of healthcare data»wrote the European Patients Forum, whose political director Kaisa Immonen had previously warned that for all these topics you must have specific health knowledge».

The president of The Commission ENVI, Pascal Canfin, has been contacted for comment, but does not’did’nt answer.

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