Serious motorbike accident, car on the roof, pollution… Various facts in Haute-Loire in brief

A 38-year-old man was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Monday around Hi M. Given the seriousness of his injuries, he was airlifted with absolute urgency to the northern hospital in Saint-Étienne.

Saint-Paulien: a motorcyclist injured in a fall

A traffic accident took place on Sunday around 19:30 not far from Château de la Rochelambert. A 38-year-old motorcyclist lost control of his two-wheeled car. When help arrived, he was sitting on a low wall and had a wound in his leg. He was taken to the Émile Roux hospital in Le Puy. The alcohol test was negative.

Siaugues-Sainte-Marie: quad accident on a trail

The pilot of a quad lost control of his machine on Sunday around 4pm when he arrived on a small path. The quad struck the terrain on the left. In the shock, the passenger of the quad was ejected. The 30-year-old was rescued by firefighters. The 26-year-old pilot was not injured.

Arlempdes: the handlebars give way, the biker falls into a ditch

A 65-year-old man fell victim to a fall from his motorbike on Sunday around 4.30pm. According to the first elements collected at the scene, the handlebars of his two-wheeled car snapped in a turn… This left the pilot unable to do anything to avoid the ditch below. He was taking part in an outing organized by a vintage motorcycle club. Supported by the firefighters, he was transported to the Émile-Roux hospital for further examinations.

Saint-Julien-Chapteuil: motor oil in a meadow

One hundred liters of motor oil was spilled in a meadow, rue du Vio Breuil, probably last weekend. On Saturday, four rescue centers and a total of thirteen firefighters were hired to try to remedy this soil contamination.

Tence: gas leak

Firefighters were called to Tence Road on Saturday at around 1.30pm where a gas leak was reported. The latter was actually observed on a kitchen piano. There were no injuries during the intervention.

Beauzac: a vehicle on the roof at the entrance to the bridge

On Saturday around 12:20 a.m. a vehicle was reported on the roof of the Confolent iron bridge. The car, which was traveling in the direction of Monistrol-sur-Loire, hit a concrete block before coming to a stop with all four wheels in the air. The gendarmes went to the scene. They found none in the Opel Corsa. Its owner had to be contacted.

Sainte-Florine: collision at the intersection

Two vehicles collided at around 9.50pm on Sunday at the junction of the D 146 and D 651. In a Citroën C3, a driver in his twenties refused the right of way to a Renault Scénic arriving on his left. A 37-year-old man was driving the other car involved. Both were transported to Brioude hospital. Usage tests were negative.

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