Laval will host the Pays de la Loire National Center for Street Arts and Public Space

A phase of pre-configuration of the center is launched with the aim of marking in 2024

Following the dissolution of the National Center for Street Arts and Public Space (CNAREP) in La Paperie, located in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, DRAC and the Pays de la Loire region launched in 2021 a call for applications to host this mark from the Ministry of Culture in another area.

In view of the strong local dynamism of the street art sector, thanks to events such as Estivales, Chaînon Manquant or the 3 elephants, Laval Agglomeration applied and learned in August 2022 that it was withheld.

DRAC, the Pays de la Loire region and the Laval Agglomeration are now involved in the prefiguration of this center, which will initially be located in SCOMAM. Its implementation should be completed in 2024 with its labeling. In particular, the support structure of the center must be defined as well as its management methods in accordance with the provisions of the LCAP Act of 7. July 2016, which regulates the Ministry of Culture’s brands.

The state’s contribution will take the form of operating support of up to €250,000 per year. The one for the Pays des Pays de la Loire region will amount to €100,000 per year. Laval Agglomeration has committed, on the one hand, to provide annual support of up to €100,000 and, on the other hand, to provide various workplaces as well as the community’s team of entertainment technicians who have specialized in street art for fifteen years.

The regional prefect holds ” to pay tribute to the quality of the Laval Agglomeration’s candidacy and welcomes the excellent cooperation between the state and the region in the implementation of this call for projects, which will make it possible to provide the region with a special structuring tool for street and public space art, eagerly expected by professionals in this creative sector. »

Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays de la Loire Region adds: “The region is engaged daily in allowing the emergence and influence of a diversity of culture and artistic creation in our territories. It was therefore essential to be able to benefit again from a reference company for the creation, distribution and presentation of artistic projects designed for the public space. We are excited about the establishment of the future CNAREP in Laval and the creative synergies that will be able to develop throughout the Pays de la Loire. »

For Florian Bercault, Mayor of Laval and President of Laval Agglomeration, “our semi-urban, semi-rural district, rich in its agricultural and industrial history and its thousand-year-old heritage, offers a unique playground for street and public space art enterprises.” Bruno Fléchard, the social delegate responsible for cultural policy, specifies that “this brand will complement and join the existing offer and bring street art to life all year rounde. »

CNAREP: a label from the Ministry of Culture

Fourteen companies are currently labeled CNAREP by the Ministry of Culture[1]. They form a reference network for the creation, dissemination and presentation to the public of artistic projects designed for public space, which contribute to the recognition and qualification of street art and public space. For each of its brands, the Ministry of Culture is aware of the involvement of all public partners (state, urban areas, region and department) in the management of the structure and the independence of the artistic project, which must be guaranteed in particular by the existence of an identified artistic direction with an independent budget.

Laval: one territory, two popular art brands

The creation of Cnarep is intended to consolidate and complete all the artistic and cultural proposals already supported in the area of ​​Laval Agglomeration. The community aspires to become the “Territory of Popular Arts” through the creation of CNAREP and the upcoming labeling of the Laval Theater as a National Center for Puppetry. Hybridizations will also be possible with Current Music carried by SMAC, 6PAR4 and digital creation and the new media of virtual reality. CNAREP will aim to promote decentralized projects and the artistic presence throughout the department, especially in rural areas and with audiences far from culture, in a process of collaboration and co-construction with local and departmental actors and regional.

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