In Entrains-sur-Nohain, Val du Sauzay has socio-cultural space projects

The socio-cultural space of Val du Sauzay recently held its general assembly in Entrains-sur-Nohain, where the mayor, Michel Poirier, welcomed around 70 members to the assembly hall. The latter benefited from the provision of a very complete picture book to understand the balances for the year 2021.

Solidarity at the meeting

“A year complicated by the shock wave generated by the health crisis”, emphasized the president, Sébastien Bachollet, but who did not slow down the actions of solidarity. He recalled the activities created to serve children, seniors, families and communities: “This diversity is our asset, your participation a success”. Finally, he emphasized the importance of the digital technology, which is called to be at the center of the new social project, especially because the arrival of the fiber opens new horizons.

Animated in a playful and participatory atmosphere, the activity report presented by the director, Sylvie Morin, and the family referent, Clarisse Malcheaux, in relay with the animators, Agnès Perronnet, Teddy Boutera, Marjorie Gerlac, made it possible to walk around actions ( disrupted by Covid) implemented at the service of the 451 members distributed among the twelve municipalities of the former Canton of Varzy: renewal of the social project validated by the café, leisure reception on Wednesdays and during the holidays, excursions and stays for teenagers, conferences, excursions, debates, workshops (sewing and creations ), various games for families, cinema trips, soft and ultra-soft gym in Varzy, Entrains and La Chapelle-Saint-André, pole walking and physical activities, escape games, health prevention (cooking, wellness sessions, Stimul’mémo, balance).

Constantly increasing presence in the France Services area

Clerk and Executive Assistant, Sylvie Millant, emphasized the steady increase in the presence of France’s services, which allows solving a wide range of administrative problems.

Based on the assessments commented by Joël Grillon, manager of the integration project with the municipalities’ society as the main customer, it should be noted that turnover increased by €3,750. Nineteen people (including two women and two graduates) have benefited from a structure aimed at providing them with qualifications and integration. Despite a high turnover, it was possible to let ten of them obtain a level 5 qualification and to integrate four of them into the company.

The ledger revealed a profit result for the financial year 2021 of €29,645.

Finally, it should be noted that Patricia Bloesch has taken over from Marie-Line Covas at the reception and that Aurélie Perronnet, facilitator, trained in work-study accounting, has obtained a BTS equivalence which enables her to replace the accountant Nicole Mouton.

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All reports were approved and welcomed in the closing remarks by Béatrice Gaudin, president of the Espace social de Clamecy, sensitive to the energy of the professionals as well as the commitment of the volunteers from her neighbors and sometimes Varzycois partners.

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