Apple’s new magic formula?

Apple would consider offering a monthly subscription to pay for an iPhone, with the option of a replacement when a new model is released. An original and smart formula for building customer loyalty…

Apple’s big back-to-school conference – the famous Far Out keynote, which will be held on Wednesday, September 7 at 19 French time – will in principle be the opportunity to discover the iPhone 14 and the other new features that the Apple company has concocted for the end of 2022. And as always, the web is buzzing with a thousand rumors about the characteristics and prices of these new technological marvels, which are so much the stuff of dreams. nerd. Among the latest, a prediction by Mark Gurman, the famous journalist who is always very well informed about Bloomberg, is surprising. According to the specialist, Apple is neither more nor less preparing to launch a new payment method for the iPhone. It would be a matter of paying a monthly subscription to use one of the company’s smartphones, Apple, while taking advantage of certain services. And with each release of a new model, it would be possible to renew the offer to take advantage of the latest iPhone. An original and clever “magic formula” that would make it possible to build loyalty – to bond? – customers, so they stay in fashion without leaving the lap of the Apple ecosystem…

iPhone subscription: an offer that combines smartphone and Apple services

Mark Gurman had already mentioned this information last March, and he repeats it in more detail on the eve of Apple’s keynote. An announcement that would actually be timely with the impending launch of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro – especially since the expected prices are quite high and consumers are suffering from inflation. It would be a way to make the brand’s smartphones more affordable in appearance, and therefore to conquer an audience that would not normally spend 1,000 to 1,700 euros for a phone, even with the quality that Apple guarantees.

According to information provided by the journalist, the monthly offer – although we do not yet know the exact details – would be linked to the Apple One offer – whose family subscription includes Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Arcade, iCloud storage and Apple Fitness+. Therefore, for a payment each month, the consumer could use an iPhone while enjoying certain services offered by the company.

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iPhone subscription: what price?

One of the big unknowns in these rumors – and not one of the smallest – is the price of this subscription. Its operation is similar to the “iPhone Upgrade Program” available in the United States. Here, too, users pay for an iPhone every month and can change the smartphone model after 12 payments. Currently, the subscription ranges from $35.33 per month for iPhone 13 Mini at $74.91 per month for 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage. A price that will therefore be higher if services are included. To realize, the Apple One Premium subscription currently costs 28.95 euros. In the end, the user pays more than the real price of the iPhone – even if Apple does not charge interest – because of the included services. Another small detail, the customer never “owns” the smartphone, as he rents it from the company – a bit like the Netflix catalog. Therefore, he cannot resell it to a third party when he changes it…

If Apple actually announces this type of subscription, it would be really beneficial for the company. Indeed, it would be an argument to encourage consumers to join their market and above all to stay there – especially given the simplicity of the transaction. By opening up to a new audience – who will never own the smartphone as they are like renting it – Apple would find a way to generate new revenue, especially since the iPhone is its biggest source of sales. , with $192 billion generated last year – half of the company’s revenue.

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