What are the most successful activities at Espace Fayolle in Guéret (Creuse)?

Which activities go first, in demand from all sides? That is the question to be asked during the open day at Espace Fayolle.

“First of all, the visual art workshops fill up because the places are limited to about 10, so they sell out faster,” explains Aurore Bourlot, head of the structure. Same thing for ceramics, with a reduced number of seats and “a room in itself limited in size”. The dance workshops are also very successful, all levels are almost full, “although they have about 25 seats each”.

As for the seduced audiences, she believes that pottery is very popular among adults, while minors are more interested in sports activities in general.

Why have young people from Guéret met on Avenue Fayolle for 50 years?

And which activities arouse curiosity?

Many questions revolve around “modern dance, which remains an enigma” and wellness activities, which include yoga, Pilates, stretching, but also “Tai-Chi-Chuan and Qi Gong, not known to all”. The difference between modern jazz and street jazz – mixed with hip-hop – also raises questions.

Finally, modern dance is practiced “as a family with parents and children as between friends for teenagers”. Well-being workshops, on the other hand, often end up gathering “slightly older participants”.

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The speakers fill in, with in mente, the profiles of their participants. “For the group of teenagers, they are passionate, they are destined for art schools and I help them build their file, their portfolio”. And Armand Bernard’s workshops in plastic and digital art for minors are full.

Illustration of a holiday ceramics course at Espace Fayolle.

“Some come to make useful things for the house, such as vases, birdcages, because they don’t want to buy, but rather to do it themselves, from scratch,” says Corinne Farsat, animator-ceramics teacher. “Others have big plans. For several years they have come to imagine and create totems more than a meter high to adorn public gardens”.

Charlotte Mathiot

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