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It has been almost four years since you set up your studio and this is the first time you have ventured above the “Business” theme. Why ?

We developed Power Angels, a collection of podcasts with 5 (brilliant) female experts to impart knowledge, to enable as many people as possible to learn quickly, well and concretely, and to launch a project around female entrepreneurship in technology . When I discovered that women were pioneers in the digital world, but that they are now understaffed in tech and digital positions in French companies, I told myself that something had to be done.

We rarely talk about women’s expertise in general, and even less about women in technology. Entrepreneurship + woman + business + podcast = that’s a combination that inspired me!

To establish this project, you surrounded yourself with five influential experts: Caroline Mignaux, Nina Ramen, Caroline Jurado, Véronique Duong and Aurélie Moulin. Why them? Where and how was this project born?

Once we decided on the themes, we began looking for the women who would embody these podcasts. We wanted experts who would be recognized as the best in their field. And since it’s a collection, it was also important to have personalities. They therefore all have (strong) temperaments, but also very different personalities, which makes for a rich universe and, above all, there is something for everyone!

What does Power Angels represent in terms of writing, direction, production? In terms of overall work?

For the entire visual and audio identity part, editorial line and Power Angel post-production, it is 4 months of work (x3 people) by my teams, and for the writing and filming of the 70 episodes, it is 1 month full of work. A project like this is a huge production, because 350 episodes is a lot!

The visual identity was a real reflection. We wanted pop colors, so thumbnails stand out on the platforms, and above all, a universe that is not related to training, but rather a visual that makes people smile and inspire.

Why did you choose this format of a 5-minute episode per day? And why 350 podcast episodes?

Learning with audio is possible and, above all, easy, provided the content is clear, concise and precise. There has been a lot of editorial work to ensure that each episode is very concrete and actionable immediately after listening. Our promise is that when you finish listening to all 70 episodes, you will be able to appear on LinkedIn, turn words into $, stand out on Instagram, catch crypto and master SEO: Conquer the world, what!

What is the financial model for such a project and what benefits do you expect from it?

It is an ambitious project that required a lot of investment. The goal is to finance itself thanks to partners/sponsors who want to support a female entrepreneurial project in tech.

Will there be a season 2?

Who knows?! It is very likely that this collective is not limited to 5 Power Angels. There are still many digital themes that can be handled, and above all, there are still many amazing women who can teach us a thousand things!

With all your podcasts, you accumulate more than 6 million plays. You have the special ability to set a tone and your stamp on all the projects you produce. Are there any new Pénélope Boeuf-branded projects coming up?

Personally, there is a series, CAPUCIN, as i imagined which is currently airing on AB1 (90 episodes) and there is a cartoon, PENOUCHE, which will be released on October 6 by Éditions Nathan Comic Strip. On the podcast side, we’ve made podcasts for brands coming out soon, new seasons of L’Arnaque, podcasts in co-production… In short, a lot of other things. But that’s normal, it’s back to school!

To listen to podcasts, here it is.

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