Star Wars: 10 Legendary Characters That Should Return to Canon

As the Star Wars canon continues to expand with the second phase of the High Republic and then TV shows like Andor, some fans are patiently hoping that some beloved Legends elements will find their way into the canon. In Obi-Wan Kenobi, a few Legends characters such as Corran Horn (apparently) seemed to be canonized, but there are plenty of other characters that fans want.

For many, they’ve either been made canon, but they don’t really have a fleshed-out story or can’t fit together. However, there are some fans would love to see integrated in some way, one way or another, into one of the many eras of the Galaxy far, far down the road.

10 Mara Jade

Mara Jade Skywalker is such a brilliant and beloved character in the Legends timeline, but unfortunately she just can’t fit into the canon in her exact Legends form. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be included in some way.

The character is not 100% defined by his relationship with Luke Skywalker in Legends. While it would certainly take away from who this character is and her background, it could be great to have a new iteration of Mara Jade, perhaps from a different era, as long as the badass vibe and central character is maintained.

9 Darth Malak

Knights of the Old Republic remains one of the greatest and most beloved Star Wars video games of all time, and while that’s largely due to Revan’s already canon, remarkable story, and depth, Darth Malak has his part to play.

So far, there have been a ton of Legends Sith Lords that have become canon without any real history, perhaps through reference books or small mentions. Darth Malak would be a great addition, just like he is in Legends. His relationship with Revan is fascinating and his design is fantastic. While he might be a little one-dimensional, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great addition to canon in Old Republic-based stories in the future.

8 Bastille Shan

While the canon is arguably devoid of great stories/characters from older eras like the Old Republic, it thrives on its Jedi, thanks to the High Republic. Still, Bastilla Shan would be a great addition to the canon.

A powerful Jedi Knight with a unique and impressive skill in battle meditation, Bastilla could be at the forefront of fantastic stories and epic moments in virtually any medium if the character were to port over. Even if her Old Republic Legends version is being scrapped in favor of possibly a Jedi in the future beyond the sequels or the High Republic, fans would still love to see her enter the canon instead of fronting the account.

7 Lumia

Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith, is without a doubt one of the most underrated characters in Legends, whose importance to Skywalker’s story is great, and who had an interesting story in her own right.

It’s another one that couldn’t be brought to canon in the same way, but a Dark Lady of the Sith, with her light whip, could very well be placed in most eras of Star Wars canon and be the antagonist of a great story. He is a character that would be difficult to translate but would thrive with the right narrator at the right time.

6 Darth Zion

While the first game is by far the most acclaimed and well-known game, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is an excellent follow-up. A lot of it’s quality can be attributed to the Sith Triumvate, which many confuse as canon, but only Nihilus is canon, Darth Sion isn’t (and neither is Darth Traya), but he should be.

Star Wars Legends did a great job of creating unique Sith Lords, even if many of them were far too powerful, and Dark Sion is no exception as it is truly terrifying, as the title suggests, the “Lord of Pain”. Sion survived the Great Sith War and achieved a twisted form of immortality by allowing himself to be consumed in pain with a frail, rotting body. He would be an excellent Sith Lord to bring into the fold.

5 Kyle Katarn

Kyle Katarn is one of the most well-known and beloved heroes of Str Wars Legends, the protagonist of the Jedi Knight series and a fascinating character. fans have been clamoring for its introduction to canon for years now.

The odds seem slim that he’ll be cast as a student or ally of Luke Skywalker, but there’s still a chance they know each other, and maybe even Katarn could be part of the post-trilogy story. He’s a hard character to fit into the current canon landscape, and his Legends story may still be better than canon, but with the talented story team and diverse creatives, it’s possible.

4 Tycho Celchus

Fans are well aware that the Rogue Squadron story is in development and are hoping that some beloved characters from the Legends novels will be incorporated, including Tycho Celchu.

Of all the characters involved in Rogue Squadron-centric Legends stories, Celchu is perhaps the most famous to have yet to make it into canon. He also goes through an incredible development as a person and a pilot, going from a hothead to a person of honor, as well as a phenomenal pilot. Any Rogue Squadron related content will be at a disadvantage if it doesn’t customize Celchu in some way.


Of all the non-canonical Knights of the Old Republic, none is easier to bring into canon than HK-47, because while Malak is chained in a time long before Skywalker’s, HK-47 and his howlingly deadly ways may have fallen either way . era.

HK-47 is like a humanoid, more grown up version of Chopper from Rebels and is one of KoTOR’s strengths, being one of the best companions. He is better served in this story and time, but having his meatbag-hating personality causing his enemies laughter and pain would make many fans happy.

2 Shae Vizla

The Mandalorians are having a moment in Star Wars and pop culture right now thanks to Din Djarin and The Mandalorian, but they’ve always been awesome, from Satine and Bo-Katan to Legends characters like Shae Vizla.

With the third season of The Mandalorian promising to explore Mandalore and Mandalorian history, now would be the perfect time to bring Mandalore the Avenger into canon. A viciously skilled combatant and ruthless bounty hunter, Vizla is fantastic in The Old Republic and would be an equally brilliant character if brought into canon.

1 Nomi Sunrider

High Republic content made room for all sorts of fascinating Jedi with all sorts of backstories and brilliance. But Jedi like Nomi Sunrider, with her trauma and skills, would still be a valuable and famous addition to the canon.

She is arguably underrated because she is not raised as much as overpowered Sith Lords or those deep in the drama of the Skywalker Saga. Still, Sunrider has been through a lot in his life. Balancing the Force with single motherhood, Sunrider has become a formidable Jedi, one of the best in the galaxy, gifted in many unique ways. With all that combined with likability and badassery, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be introduced into the canon somehow.

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