Samsung Launches Week-Long Metaverse and NFT Activation

Today, Samsung kicks off a week-long “Discover Samsung” event, supported by NFTs and a scavenger hunt via their Discord community.

Samsung launched their Discord community or server in June. Earlier this year, they also opened a presence at Decentraland called Samsung 837X, and this location will host virtual events throughout the week.

By connecting multiple metaverse touchpoints to other legacy digital channels like, the brand is showing how these new experiences can bring young consumers into traditional fall sales events.

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Look for clues. Fans of the brand will receive a series of three questions on Samsung’s Discord server. They will find the answers to the questions somewhere on or Discord.

Once this part of the game is complete, Discord users will then submit their MetaMask wallet address on Discord for a chance to win an NFT worth up to $500 off Samsung products.

NFT and price. Participants have until 5:00 PM ET on September 14th to answer questions. The next day, Samsung will deposit the NFTs to the user and each NFT will have a randomly assigned value from $0 to $500.

Attendees will then be able to redeem their NFT for an online certificate to use when purchasing Samsung products during the event.

In addition to everyone receiving an NFT of a certain value, 30 winners will receive other prizes totaling $10,000 in gifts.

Metaverse business events. Samsung will also hold sales events on the Samsung 837X. These live streamed events will feature products pulled from real users’ wish lists on

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Why we care. It’s not just about planting a flag in the metaverse. Instead, it’s about what brands do when they and their customers get there.

This metaverse campaign features the familiar competitive elements that have been a part of marketing for ages. There are discounts and other prizes that are strategically similar to loyalty programs as well. This campaign updates the strategy by making it fun with a digital scavenger hunt that engages members of the Metaverse community on Discord and Decentraland.

Macy’s and Old Navy have also dropped NFTs as part of seasonal festivities. Spread the spread of special clothes for virtual pets. The most promising executions are part of a longer, multi-step roadmap — the kind that Under Armor is putting in place for 2022, 2023 and beyond.

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