Rocket Raccoon’s unseen backstory makes him the MCU’s most tragic character

‘Rocket Raccoon’s unseen MCU backstory as an anthropomorphic Guardian may be the most tragic origin in the entire MCU. Rocket is often an overlooked character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, due in part to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s status as the franchise’s second team. And even within the Guardians team itself, the focus is usually on Star-Lord and Gamora. The first film and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 didn’t explain much, but the comics did. Here’s Rocket Raccoon’s backstory.

Overall, Rocket feels like a supporting character, with little background devoted to his relationship with Groot or the rest of the crew. A glimpse of Rocket’s backstory and origin hasn’t really happened in the film series thus far. This is a bit atypical given that the other Guardians have focused more on their backgrounds – as Peter is covered in their first film, Gamora’s childhood with Thanos is shown at the climax of the Infinity Saga, and Drax often talks about his murdered family. Aside from hints of experimentation, Adam Warlock’s origin has arguably been shown more than Rocket Raccoons, and so far there’s been little to no coverage of him in the MCU.

It’s a shame, because of the members of the group, Rocket Raccoon actually has the most unusual and impactful backstory hinted at before in the MCU. In the comics, Rocket started out as a sentient re-engineered robot tasked with taking care of a mentally ill planet (which seems more of a villainous origin, even though Rocket is a hero). In an attempt to leave the planet, the guardian robots engineered animals until they could fulfill their directive, then went to the other side of the planet, exposing half of it while extracting resources. This planet – “Halfworld” – is where Rocket is from in Guardians of the Galaxy, thanks to his criminal record, suggesting that this part of his life is the same in the comics and in the MCU. And if so, fans might be ready for the franchise’s most devastating story.

How, where and why Rocket Raccoon was made

In addition to Rocket’s origin tragedy in the comics (which could be connected to Adam Warlock in the MCU), James Gunn also appeared on a panel in 2017 (via MCU Exchange ) and said that the story of Rocket’s MCU backstory is “a little more gruesome than he is in the comics,” suggesting that being abandoned by robot manufacturers isn’t the worst thing he’s been through. It seems likely that this refers to the fact that Rocket eventually broke as a result of the consistent scientific experiments performed on him and did something terrible, or that perhaps his creators did something to him that permanently damaged him.

Either way, it seems clear that Rocket, who appears in the first Guardians of the Galaxy MCU movie, still lives on with the scars of his near-surface past. While it is easy to dismiss his aggressive nature and propensity for violence as inherent traits, it is more likely that they stem from his vicious rejection of the caretaker role he was experimented with in an attempt to adapt. It would also go a long way to explaining why Rocket finds it so difficult in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to try to trust his friends and show them open affection – as his history means he never fully learned that until the events of the film.

Guardians 3 will explore the origins of Rocket

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be released in 2023, and Marvel has confirmed that it will explore Rocket Raccoon’s origins. It’s unclear if this will be an exact cut-and-paste of the comics (unlikely given the MCU’s heavy editing of Marvel Comics stories so far), but Phase 4 GotG 3 will finally add an extra dimension that’s crucial to Bradley Cooper’s rocket. James Gunn has often talked about how important Rocket is to the franchise, telling a fan in 2020, “Rocket’s loneliness and alienation is central to the franchise for me” (via Polygon). He later went on to say “I just want to say that Rocket is a big part of what happens in the future – and a lot of the things (like the scars we’re about to see on his back) highlight what I had planned. for Rocket from the beginning. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 will not only focus on Rocket, as the hunt for Gamora and the debut of Adam Warlock are also confirmed important plot arcs. There is also the question of how the film will fit into Avengers: The Kang Dynasty project at the end of MCU Phase 6. Rocket Raccoon fans will be happy that their favorite Guardian is finally getting his long-awaited moment in the spotlight, and the story should add great depth to Guardians of the Galaxy 3 .

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