Metaverse arrives in France

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If you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that Metaverse is one of my biggest concerns.

First because it will change in depth the way we work, communicate, buy and play…

But also because it is one such a huge financial opportunity that it is difficult to assess and understand it.

It’s such a break with what we know that, to the general public, the Metaverse is a “thing of nerd “which will not change much in relation to the world…

Exactly what we said about Bitcoin in 2008.

I tried to explain the essence of the Metaverse Where its many applicationsand many of my readers have understood the value of investing early in this ecosystem.

Today I would like to tell you about its recent progress, and in particular its establishment in France.

“Metaverse Academy” at home!

At Metaverse, France leads the way.

Companies like it The sandbox, at the intersection of Metaverse and crypto, makes us shine internationally. The SAND crypto is also one of the most promising on this underlying trend…

And this influence is paying off: Meta (ex-Facebook) has just announced one partnership with the French company Simplon to create a “Metaverse Academy”.

Specifically, the goal is to train young students in the technologies that shape the Metaverse. We are talking about training courses of 3 to 6 months to train armies of developers that the Metaverse shall prevail…

When you see the funds invested by Meta, you understand that they are sure of themselves.

Laurent Solly, Vice President of Southern Europe at Meta, explains about this project: ” Thanks to this strong partnership with a key player, Simplon, the Metaverse Academy is a first step that will help anticipate the acceleration of applications and train the future builders of the metaverse. We want to participate in the creation of a collective metaverse by creating sustainable workplaces for the entire digital ecosystem. »

And this alliance is timely, because Meta has just launched its Metaverse in France.

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Horizon Worlds arrives in France

On August 16, Mark Zuckerberg announced rolling out Horizon Worlds in France.

Horizon Worlds is a game developed by Meta where you can build buildings and workspaces in virtual reality to share with other users – therefore a first version of a metaverse ecosystem.

According to Bill Gates, the professional world will generalize the use of these ecosystems before 2025… And it is very good news that France is getting acquainted with this new world right now.

Incidentally, this is also the case on an individual scale: If you have not yet invested in Metaverse shares, it’s a good time to go.

Recent corrections in technology markets allow you to invest in companies that are shaping the future…but at rock-bottom prices.

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