L’Amicale des Supporters: 20 years of passion for Clermont Foot 63

17:47 – 12 September 2022

Clément Chanial, member since last season and Véronique Soulier, president of the association (© Andréa Lamy).

Amicale des Supporters is present for the majority of members in Bay F of the Gergovie stand during matches at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium, and Amicale des Supporters organizes trips to cheer on its team in Ligue 1. Meeting with the association celebrating its twentieth anniversary.

Loccer is above all a party that brings together supporters from two different clubs around their shared passion. This is the spirit that prevails in the Amicale des Supporters du Clermont Foot 63, an association that organizes supervised tours to allow everyone to come and support their favorite team during away matches.

L’Amicale des Supporters is a large family of supporters open to everyone, mixing all generations by living to the rhythm of the Clermont Foot calendar. For the first year of CF63 in Ligue 1, the association made twelve trips.

She has established contacts with other groups of supporters, especially on the side of RC Lens, a club that “shares the same values ​​as Amicale football with an audience of all generations dressed in the club’s colors and with this dimension of a family club and a friendly atmosphere,” says Véronique Soulier, president of the association.

130 members

The rise in Ligue 1 of Clermont Foot 63 has increased the number of members, in total around 130, a record since its creation in June 2002. A change of galaxy which has brought its share of new features regarding travel management.

The minibuses that drove to Ligue 2 confrontations have thus given way to large buses (up to four buses for certain trips) in the elite.


Supporters of Clermont Foot 63 who wish to travel at advantageous prices therefore join the Amicale des Supporters.

“The membership card for a season, which can be done at any time, and can be done at the association’s table located on match days right at the entrance to bay F”, explains Véronique Shoe.

On social networks, Amicale informs about trips when the date and time of the meeting is known. The trip is made in the association’s specific trainers for members and non-members who come to join the trip. Priority is given to members, but “a few supporters may come and implement depending on the available seats” continues the president.

Travel is also an opportunity to discover the cities the club visits, buses sometimes leave at midnight to allow supporters to visit the city the next day before taking their place in the visitors’ car park. That is what has happened so far this season in Reims and Marseille.

Discussions between the club and the sub-prefectures make it possible to define the number of supporters that can take place in the visitors’ car park. “It’s often the same people who make the trips,” said Clément Chanial, a member since last season. A feeling that reinforces this family dimension that Amicale des Supporters wants.


There is no shortage of projects on the side of Amicale des Supporters, jerseys, scarves and caps are decorated with the association’s image. Amicale has made connections with various groups of supporters it has met throughout France.

“Clermont can be a good gathering point for all Ligue 1 supporters”

The desire to bring all these beautiful people together and hold a party dedicated to Ligue 1 supporters who share the values ​​of fair play, sociability and meetings is an idea of ​​Véronique Soulier, who would even propose to do this in Clermont-Ferrand. .: “The geographic location of the center of France can play to this advantage and thus become a beautiful meeting place”. Amicale des Supporters also organizes a lottery in December with many prizes to be won, including certain products available in the shops of Clermont Foot 63.

The association has not yet organized an event on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, but plans to mark the occasion with a slide show that reproduces the beautiful memories of these many trips, of which the chairman keeps photos as souvenirs, as well as signs to celebrate. this.

With the good relations between Amicale and the Auvergne club, the possibility of bringing in former CF63 players or coaches is highlighted.

So all of Amicale’s family and the players in the life of the club come together to celebrate two decades of supportership as it should be!

Andrea LAMY

Supporters association. Head office: Bar La Maison Bleue 131 boulevard Etienne-Clementel 63000 Clermont-Ferrand. veronique.soulier@aliceadsl.fr Facebook page.

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