Kas Saed is an arrir dictator!

The General Secretary of the Attayar Party, Ghazi Chaouachi returned to the communique issued by the Labor Party, Al Qotb, Al Jomhouri, Ettakatol and his party, warning against the disintegration of the state, famine, bankruptcy and threats to national security and social peace. He argued that Kais Saied should have intervened to improve the situation, and he insinuated that the latter had made false promises to Tunisians by telling them that the new constitution would solve all their problems.

Invited on September 12, 2022 by Elyes Gharbi to the program “Midi Show” broadcast on Mosaïque Fm radio, Ghazi Chaouachi believed that the only solution was the return to a democratic process. He reaffirmed that the parties, signatories of the press release, rejected the entire process that started since December 17, 2021, including the early legislative elections scheduled for December 17, 2022. He believed that no entity that believes in democracy and freedom, should not participate in a process based on the decisions of the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed. He reminded that the parliament will have no role and that the constitution had deprived it of the role of controlling the activity of the government and the government.

Ghazi Chaouachi believed that Kaïs Saïed was behind the current crisis and that the next parliament was illegitimate and acted as a decorative element. He believed that the Independent High Electoral Authority had falsified the figures regarding the July 25, 2022 referendum and had no credibility. He believed that Tunisia was living an autocracy and that there were attacks on freedom of movement, freedom of demonstration and freedom of expression.

Ghazi Chaouachi insisted on recalling that Ben Ali had established an authoritarian system over the course of three years. Considering Ben Ali an intelligent tyrant, Attayar’s general secretary Kais Saïed considered a backward dictator. He claimed that he led Tunisia into a civil war. He wondered about the President of the Republic’s lack of reaction to the increase in the number of irregular migrants from Tunisia to Europe and the shooting death of a man in Tunis following a customs intervention.

Regarding the compensation system, Ghazi Chaouachi estimated that several entities benefit from it without actually needing it. He believed that the state did not have the information and data that made it possible to identify the households that needed state support in the form of subsidies. He called for a revision of the list of subsidized products and of the people who should benefit from this measure. He believed that such a reform could not take place without the participation of the entire Tunisian political scene and that Bouden’s government did not have the necessary skills to implement this reform. He believed that some reforms put forward by the government could not take place in times of national and global crisis. He focused on improving the investment climate, wealth creation and employability. Moreover, Mr. Chaouachi assessed that the cancellation of the compensation would not change anything in the situation of public finances and confirmed that Tunisia must continue with wage increases to strengthen purchasing power and stimulate the Tunisian economy. He also called for the abolition of permits and recalled that 250 economic activities in Tunisia were subject to permits.

Ghazi Chaouachi explained that an alliance with the Ennahdha movement and the National Salvation Front was not possible. He emphasized the divergence in objectives given that Ennahdha used the front to return to power and restore the system by July 25, 2022. Referring to the Free Destourian Party, he believed that Abir Moussi was only seeking to guarantee an electoral victory and has control over the country. ” We seek to build again… Attayar will join with several parties and organizations to block the way to the system that Kaïs Saïed has put in place “, he declared.


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