Heroes of the Galaxy – Character – Boushh (Leia Organa)

As hinted in our last SWGoH article, Boushh (Leia Organa) has just joined the holotable.

Character introduction:

– Species: Ubese from the planet Uba IV (assumed identity) / Human from the planet Alderaan (real identity).

– Membership: Hutt Cartel (undercover agent), Rebel Alliance.

– Employment : Bounty hunter

– Appearance: Star Wars VI – Return of the Jedi.

In the game:

– Friendly : striker, leader

– Fractions: lightside, hutts cartel, rogue, bounty hunter

– Special synergies: members of the “Hutt Cartel”, “Bounty Hunter” and “Smuggler” + prerequisites to obtain GL Jabba the Hutt

Abilities: Boushh has 5 abilities including 1 Zeta and 1 Omicron + Boushh’s Bounty

1 – Ambidextrous Attack (Basic Ability): deals special damage to an enemy and inflicts a thermal detonator on them for 2 turns.

If the ally in the leader slot belongs to the “Hutt Cartel”, this attack cannot be dodged.

If the ally in the leader space is a “bounty hunter”, a defense penalty is applied for 2 turns.

If the ally in the leader slot is a “smuggler”, Boosh attack again.

2 – Resourceful (Special): deals special damage to all enemies and detonates all thermal detonators. Then place a thermal detonator, for 2 turns, on all enemies.

3 – Brutal negotiation (leader): Allied Bounty Hunters gain 25% Max Health and Protection. Enemies with “death bluff” lose 25% stamina at the end of each turn. When an enemy has “death bluff” and a thermal detonator his buffs disappear.

4 – Dauntless (Unique – Zeta): Boosh is immune to fear.

At the start of the match, Boosh gains a stack of “my kind of scoundrel” until the end of the battle (cannot copy, remove or prevent).

At the start of the confrontation, all enemies receive a “death bluff” for 3 turns.

At the end of each turn, if an enemy with a “death bluff” has received 1 or more thermal detonators, he receives another for 2 turns.

If all the allies belong to the “Hutt cartel” at the start of the confrontation, the enemies with a “deadly bluff” cannot attack outside of their turn. If additionally equipped with a thermal detonator, they lose 25 speed.

If the ally in the leader slot belongs to the “Hutt Cartel” (except GL Jabba), Boosh is immune to rotary gauge manipulation.

Boosh will be summoned (max. once per turn) when an ally belonging to the “Hutt Cartel” uses an ability during their turn on a target with a “death bluff”.

5 – Cloak of Ogygia ubese (unique – Omicron): Boushh and allied “light side” smugglers gain 5% armor penetration, 15% attack, 10% power, and 10 speed.

If the ally in the leader slot belongs to the “Hutt Cartel”, Boosh and “light side” smuggler allies are immune to hinder and stun abilities, the above bonuses are also doubled. In addition, allied “light side” smugglers gain 20% critical strike chance.

In raids: the maximum delay of the “Ingenuity” is reduced by 1.

If the leader slot ally belongs to the “Hutt Cartel”, when the “Horrible” ability applies a thermal detonator, all allies belonging to the “Hutt Cartel” gain 10% Armor Penetration (200% max), 20% Attack ( 400 % max.), 20% power (400 max.) and 10 speeds (100 max.).

Additional capabilities:

My kind of rogue: +10% Max Health and Defense.

Deadly Bluff: the abilities to Boosh gain additional effects against the character with this penalty.

Bounty Hunter Bounty:

Contract: defeat an enemy with damage from thermal detonators.

Boushh Bounty: the “ambidextrous attack” and the “inventive” abilities fire an additional thermal detonator until the end of the confrontation.

Reward : all friendly bounty hunters activate their bounty and are immune to stunning. Also, enemies cannot be revived.

Character analysis: On paper, this new character has almost everything to please, so versatile is he to face different opposing teams. It will also be a serious advantage for the “Hutt Cartel” faction and for raids.

Is this grade significant? It all depends on your development goals and your most powerful teams.

Boosh is required to unlock Jabba the Hutt and it will be necessary to pass that relic 5 to reach the prerequisite. So if your goal is to get GL Jabbayou know what you have left to do.

Or else, Boosh will breathe new life into the “bounty hunter” faction, which has clearly been losing ground lately.

Which modules should you choose: as with any attacker, choosing “critical chance” and “critical damage” modules may be appropriate. It is also advisable to give in “secondary stats” a power bonus as well as an attack bonus.

Ideal team with Boushh:

Boosh has special synergies with the “Hutt Cartel”, “Bounty Hunter” and “Smuggler” factions.

As we saw in the last “conquest”, based on Darth Malgus and right now with the event” Tattoo: Jawas “, a combination of thermal detonators can be terribly destructive. Thereby, Greedo andUnderworld henchmen or Zam Wesel will be valuable allies for Boosh.

Hutt Cartel Team: Greedo andUnderworld henchmen will enhance the effects of thermal detonators. that Skiff Guard (LandornCalrissian) will also enjoy the additional benefits reserved for “smugglers”. Chrysanthemum will make him a good tank to complete the team. This team will effectively counter teams whose allies attack out of turn (eg geonosians). In addition, it will be able to more effectively counter teams whose mechanics are based on speed. Finally, by applying an omicron material Booshthis team will have a serious advantage in raids and can do a lot of damage there.

Bounty Hunter Team: Greedo and Zam Wesel enhance the effects of thermal detonators and allow Boosh fulfill their contract faster. Bossk will be the perfect tank, ally or leader, depending on the situation. With, Boosh As a leader, this team will effectively counter teams whose allies have a revive ability (eg: Jolee Bindo, My Mothma … etc.).

“Smuggler” team: that Skiff Guard (Lando Calrissian) will also enjoy the additional benefits reserved for the “Hutt Cartel”. As for the others, here the developed characters of this faction or those not already in a team can be reused.

Team “Hutt Cartel” and “Bounty Hunter”:to be tested, but a priori, it must be possible to combine the positive effects of these 2 fractions, by taking, to accompany Booshin the position of leader, bounty hunters who are also members of the “Hutt Cartel”: Greedo, Chrysanthemum, Boba Fett , emboWhere Cade Bane.

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