Foundation ambassador for the “My Health Space” system

What is My Health Space?

My health room is a secure digital room, offered and developed by Sygesikringen and the Ministry of Health.

The purpose of this device is to allow any recipient of a French health insurance scheme to obtain a digital health record. This device aims to facilitate the follow-up of files between the various health professionals that the patient is brought to meet. This also allows the user to be an actor in the monitoring and preservation of his health.

Specifically, each policyholder will find different sections in their health area to securely store and share medical documents, useful and personal information related to their health, and health messages. In the long term, other functionalities will be added to the health room, including a doctor’s diary, which should aim to give each individual member a better overview of upcoming medical appointments.

Setting up the device

“My health space” was first tested since August 2021 in three pilot departments: Haute-Garonne, Loire-Atlantique and Somme.

The system was then rolled out across the country from the start of 2022.

Thus, during the year 2022, all beneficiaries of a French health insurance scheme received a letter or an email proposing to activate “My health room”. After receiving the letter or email, the user has a period of 6 weeks to activate or oppose the creation of the account. Without action on the part of the user within the time limit, a “My Health Room” account will be automatically created.

The social service of the Ouvre Croix Saint Simon Foundation: actor in the implementation of the system

During the year 2022, many structures were asked by the regional health board to explain precisely to professionals what this system consists of and how each individual professional at the local level can participate in the rollout of My Health Space.

Aware of the importance of being informed and trained in the use of this system to better support and inform the foundation’s employees, it was only natural that the foundation’s social service responded to the invitation from ‘ARS and was promoted to ambassador.

The Fondation Croix Saint Simon is now an actor in the implementation of this system through the social service. The purpose of the social service is to learn to master the operation and contributions of this apparatus in order to best support the employees in the process of dematerialized health services.

To do this, a single referent is assigned for each of the structures that have indicated their desire to participate in the rollout of the system. For the Croix Saint Simon Foundation, it is Mr. CASTRO REYES Johaan, Ségur Numérique project manager at the Institute for Innovation, Research and Digital Transformation. The latter’s mission will be to guide us, instruct us to best support the foundation’s employees with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the system and, above all, to reassure and support employees who are affected by the digital divide.

The most important dates for the project

To carry out this project, the foundation’s social service participates and is part of various measures proposed by ARS. Upstream, the social service of the Croix Saint Simon Foundation participated in various remote exchanges with the services of the ARS to determine the way in which the unit could be distributed, explained within the foundation.

Follow-up on these exchanges. Different dates are planned to continue the implementation of the system:

23 May 2022: Meeting at the Mondor hospital with the various ambassadors for structures on the theme “How do you guarantee that digital technology is a vector for a better care process? Support for citizens and health professionals and actors in the digital health transition »

September 1: Back-to-school seminar for ambassadors

September 14: Appointment with Mr. CASTRO REYES Johaan, our referent to discuss the actions to be taken.

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