Family business: what awaits us in the fun season 3

The Hazan family is back and going even further in Season 3 Family business ! Discover without further delay what Jonathan Cohen, Gérard Darmon, Julia Piaton and the entire cast of the French comedy series have in store for us in this new and unfortunately last season, undoubtedly the best.

French series are doing well on Netflix, thank you for them. This year, Kingpin and Robbers met with deserved success and participated in another program that talks about organized crime: Family business. Finally, organized, it must be quickly written. Because in the Hazan family, getting into the production and sale of hash has resulted in more laughs than shootings. Finally, to the audience. Because in this season 3, which dares even more, just to end in beauty, the danger is even more tangible, completing to make the series the French and comic response to breaking Bad. Just that.

Family Business: recap of the first 2 seasons

First of all, let’s dive back into the first two seasons of Family business. Joseph Hazan (Jonathan Cohen), eternal loser before the eternal, learns from an unlikely source (the quirky Clémentine, daughter of a minister) that cannabis will soon be legalized in France. He then manages to convince his entire family, starting with his father Gérard (Gérard Darmon), a bankrupt kosher butcher, to enter this new market. Except that cannabis is finally not legalized and that Hazan’s new activity quickly becomes as complicated as it is eccentric. They recruit Enrico Macias as an unknown partner, or discover that the new neighbor of the country house where they grow Pastraweed is none other than a… gendarmerie brigade. Pastraweed is the grass that Grandma Ludmila (Liliane Rovère) developed and which, no pun intended, is a hit. Which inevitably attracts lust…

During Season 2, the Hazan family is taken hostage by Jaurès, a formidable trafficker, who forces Ludmila to make Pastraweed. But Grandma Hazan loses her mind and it is the daughter, Aure (Julia Piaton), who pretends to be her. A deficit that seems wonderful until Jaurès… shoots himself in the head, without doing it on purpose. Shame. Or not. Finally arrested, Joseph, Gérard and Olivier (Olivier Rosemberg) end up in prison, where they are mistreated by the Picard gang. To escape, Hazan manages to organize an Enrico Macias concert in the prison and take advantage of the confusion. But just when we thought that all this could only end well, we discover that Catherine, the new girlfriend of Gérard, the father, is actually Pénélope Cavillan, an organized crime figure who deals with many cartels and brings the whole family to to kidnap. ..

A season 3 that dares anything

We therefore find Hazan in a visible South American country, as everyone speaks Spanish. This will allow us to see that Joseph did not need to do LV2 Money robbery. Prisoners, the family must live together in a small cell, and very quickly the problem of managing the big errand arises when there are only Turkish toilets visible to everyone in the room. Yes, season 3 of Family business goes even further, as if the series had decided to let go, when it didn’t already have many limits. Also in the first episode, we discover an astonishing scene where Clémentine takes Aïda, Joseph’s ex, and her brother Youssef to a social dinner. Well, that’s what they thought…

A true grand finale, this last season of Family business is going to end in beauty a series that will not have had time to get tired by multiplying the big moments of laughter, with the most embarrassing sequences hallucinated during a shower, luxury guests, an improbable dialogue about The 10 Commandments (the musical), lines from Clémentine that are still just as crazy, and even more feel-good twists. Impossible to be bored for a minute before the very last hours of the show, which therefore had only two faults: too strong and too short…

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