Fall Guys: Season 2 Satellite Rush Revealed and Dated, Discover the Original Tracks and Skins to Unlock

Mediatonic restarted the season numbering of Autumn guys on the occasion of his passage in free to play in June. It is therefore with one Season 2 that we find party game multiplayer starting September 15 on all platforms, incl the name will be Satellite Rushand the theme of space.

The developers have often gone all out, with new intergalactic events with new obstacles, the event 1, 2, 3, TOWARDS THE STARS! to get the festivities off to a good start and a Season ticket with a hundred levels to climb, the paid version of which allows you to unlock in particular of leather of Spockfrom Xenomorph ofAlien and off Hatsune Miku. Everything is detailed and pictured below.

Oh, your prayers, you come from ANOTHER WORLD – you made it!

Congratulations, you have repaired the satellite! In case you haven’t noticed, Season 1: Free For All was a Jupiter-sized success, and we can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for Season 2… The Rush to the satellite arriving on September 15th !


In our new season, the residents of the Blunderdome leave the relative safety of their planet for the first time in search of new adventures. Join the galaxy to discover orbiting obstacles, cosmic races and all the puzzles that space has to offer. Who says new frontiers also says stellar new costumes and heaps of new challenges for our stumbling stars.

Beans on Top also finds spatial variations of our previous rounds in solo, duo or group adventures. Sounds pretty cool, right? It will start in rocket (yes, we mean in beauty!).


So. You put on your space suit. You are ready to float in zero gravity. You dream of competitions in the stars. Then you’ll have to throw your heart and soul into our launch event, 1, 2, 3, AGAINST THE STARS!, featuring all new Season 2 rounds for a once-a-year launch. galaxy!

Your first assignment? Save the satellite from Fall Guys. By repairing and rebuilding this crumbling pile of junk in our new star-themed arenas, you can help create the most dazzling Elysian Fields in the solar system – Elysian Fields to which all beans can gravitate!

Your rewards? We thought you’d never ask…

  • Pseudo Space Bean – 200 points
  • 200 Kudos – 300 points
  • Space Program name tag – 500 points
  • Mission Badges Pattern – 800 points
  • Relay Satellite Backpack – 1,000 Points


It wouldn’t be a new season without new levels. Jump into the space-time continuum level with us and take a look at each of these novelties!

  • The “on tiptoe” final offers up to four groups that could well win. You have to be very careful because one wrong step will send you plummeting into the cosmos. The first to reach the crown in the center of the arena wins.
  • Take a leap of faith and follow the invisible paths to the end of the race! In the Star Map you have to bump into the buttons to reveal the path, but can you read the signals in the stars?
  • On or off? Pixel-perfect has you jumping from plate to plate on the ground to find the right patterns. You need more than a basic knowledge of horoscopes to get the most out of them!
  • Get ready to drive down the cosmic highway. In this round, players jump between rows of moving platforms. If you get your space jumps a hair’s breadth wrong, say hello to the void.
  • Hyperspeed Heroes is the sequel you’ve always wanted. You have to stay on the hoverboard and reach the finish line without falling. But it turns out that the hoverboard moves in a circular fashion. We like to make your life easier, don’t we?
  • In Hexa-terrestrial, players must navigate floating platforms without making a single mistake. This is easier said than done when you are in the middle of RUM.
  • Space Race – it’s an obstacle course, but in the stars. Did you understand clearing space correctly?
  • Urgent Factory is similar to one-on-one Button Slayers, but with a free-for-all. Massacre Massacre Massacre those buttons for points! Easier said than done, right?

Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 4 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 5Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 6 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 7 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 8Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 9 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 10 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 11


Start preparing your best strategy to survive our new obstacles. Ion thrusters, flying platforms and trolley bots land in the Blunderdome.


New season, new themed season pass! Your endeavors in the Blunderdome will propel you through over 100 levels of costumes, animations and celebrations to unlock – and more! Incredible costumes such as Spock, Xenomorph and Hatsune Miku await you!

And for those who don’t get the season ticket: Don’t panic! A free progression path will always be available so you can get rewards too!


We are ready to take off!

Along with new events, levels, obstacles and more, we’ve also made improvements, fixes and new features that you can’t even imagine. Don’t miss our release notes, it’s coming soon!

We’re not quite ready to talk about the other space-themed shows coming to Fall Guys yet. The hunt for Mute generates a new surprise that won’t let you wait…

Visit our official Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts for all the latest Fall Guys news, including release dates for limited-time events, in-store items, and collaborations. More good news: Fall Guys will be fully localized in two new languages: Polish and Latin American Spanish! Discover our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts for South America! And keep following us to see our Polish Twitter launching on September 15th! Never fall alone and join the banter on the official Fall Guys Discord.

See you soon, striker!

Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 2 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 1 Fall Guys Season 2 12 09 2022 screenshot 12

If you’ve been waiting for original content to go hunting for crowns, you’ll have some this Thursday. Ready to take on these new challenges?

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